The Noise in the House in the Night

The Noise in the House in the Night

I’m waiting for my bedtime and not really up to anything. So I penned a poem (so-called). I was just listening.

In the middle of the night (but not midnight)
The laptop is humming
The old heater is crackling (but not heating
The cat isn’t purring (she doesn’t care
she should
for my poem)

A scream in the street
A door banging somewhere
More screaming coming
From seemingly everywhere
(A drunk domestic?)

The toilet flushing
The ancient floor creaking
Above my head

The house is unwell

6 thoughts on “The Noise in the House in the Night

  1. I’m not sure how I would go living in an apartment block. So many people so close. I once lived in a place where the houses were very close together and I had a neighbour who liked to entertain on his back veranda which was up against the side of my house. He was loud and you hear every word said.
    Where I live now we have space, my neighbours on one side are away a lot and my other neighbours very quiet. But I do have a lot of street noise which does irritate me but not a lot of variety to write a poem about. I did BTW like your poem.


    1. Thank you, I’m glad you didn’t hate my impromptu poem (too much)!

      I didn’t have a choice where to live really, but you are right that the noise is difficult and it disturbs one’s sleep too.

      On the other hand, it’s fun…

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