Dear Sleeping Pill, You Had One Job

Dear Sleeping Pill, You Had One Job

In the night

My mind is up and around

Alive, awake, awhirl

Churning out stuff

That happened

That didn’t

That should have


Heyou, mind,

Cut the crap

Stop the swirl

Let me rest 

Brain dead



My sleeping pill is taking long to kick in, so I fingered a poem on the WordPress mobile app. It was horrendous. Both using the app and the poem. I think I’ve broken a finger or two.

Also I just shot the shot below from the app, zero editing. I can’t see how people can use the mobile app for posting stuff. I’m pissed off with it and this stupid idea of posting a pseudo poem hasn’t helped my sleeping at all. Eff that.

That’s what I can see right now. Find the cat! 🐈

21 thoughts on “Dear Sleeping Pill, You Had One Job

  1. I had a night like that the other night but no sleeping pill and no cat…just me and I resisted all temptation to write about it as it was boring me to a feeling of RIP!


    1. Sometimes a lack of cat is good – she’s creepy when she moves around the bed in the night… I’d like to read your insomnia post though! I mean, this impromptu post of mine is so terrible, yet it seems to be quite popular!

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      1. Its the character behind the post that adds to the fascination Mara….I’m thinking of starting my own photo prompt where you can post any bad/ok/brilliant photos….I wont be claiming anything brilliant…maybe ok…we shall see…


    1. Both. The cat is always in my face or in between my legs. I mean, under my feet. Sometimes I regret I allowed her to sleep in the bed. She creeps me out sometimes when I wake up to her staring at me.

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  2. I see cat ears!! Or is it batman..?

    I find the mobile app mostly good for scrolling through other people’s stuff, not so much for posting your own. In fact, I’m on the app right now!


  3. I don´t like the app for posting either. I posted via it only once just to try it. It went OK, but it was mostly photos with minimum writing. I do like it for quick replies to comments, though.


    1. I used the app once or twice after this for impromptu posts on the go, but I don’t like using it, it’s clumsy. It’s a nice alternative to have, but that’s it…


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