My Blog Is Freaking Me Out

My Blog Is Freaking Me Out

I get freaked out easily. (Thanks, anxiety.) I get startled by my phone beeping (yes, I realise it’s a common feature of phones), by the cat sleep-whining (I never know whether she’s having a good dream or a bad dream and whether I should wake her up), by a car door being slammed (which is all the fucking time because I live next to a frequented post office).

I’m currently freaking out about my blog. Not that there’s anything wrong with it (well, yeah, it’s all wrong, but that’s old news) but things are getting misaligned on it. My footer widget area couldn’t take any more of my Instagram photos and decided to throw them up all over the place. This is very bad. My OCD disapproves strongly. I know it’s probably one of these things that get fixed on its own, but uh. Look:


I broke the internet

That’s not all though! I have a huge request for you. If you’re not following me, please don’t  do it. If you are following me, please don’t unfollow me (I know you’re tempted but pretty please, mind my mental health). My follower counter reached 2K, and it is a good number. I like the look of it. So if you would, just don’t mess with it, ok? Because it looks so nice. Makes my OCD almost forget the Instagram widget fuckup. Almost. Look how pretty 2K is:

18 thoughts on “My Blog Is Freaking Me Out

  1. Wow, 2000! Must be nice! Maybe a different theme would help you. There are tons of free themes. Keep trying to replace mine but nothing ever works right except for the current theme which is called Gather.


    1. Oh don’t worry, 2k followers is nothing special since most of these followers never actually return to the blog. So it’s not a number that would make a difference.

      I’ll probably stick with my theme no matter what, I spent literally several weeks picking it… Your theme I like too, have always liked it.

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      1. Thanks for liking that theme, the only one that works… I’m approaching 500 followers slowly but as you say, many never return.

        Seems really crappy doesn’t it? I keep an eye on who I follow both on WP as well as IG.


        1. My blog is relatively old, so it gathered some followers over the time. But those who actually visit are much fewer, perhaps a dozen or so. I’m very grateful for this small eclectic audience!

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  2. Now there’s a request I haven’t seen before. We may need to set up a follow exchange, so if you get a new follower someone else has to back out and if someone leaves someone from the waiting list can slip in.

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  3. Good luck with the follower numbers not changing ! You may just have to grin and bear a changing look. You have reached 2K just a few followers ahead of me. I’m following in your footsteps 🙂


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