Finding Everyday Inspiration: Why I Don’t Watch the News

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Why I Don’t Watch the News

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

I’m so inspired! I mean, I’m not inspired at all, therefore I asked actually inspired people for inspiration what to write about. This, and also because I was prompted to do so by the writing challenge that we The  Tribe (you know who you are!) are plodding through now.

Lynn proposed. I mean, she didn’t propose to me but she proposed that I write about something I don’t do and why I don’t do it. Lynn didn’t know that she shouldn’t feed animals because they may bite. That’s a far-fetched metaphor meaning that Lynn’s suggestion feeds my innate negativity and the result may be a biting post.

I’m unplugged

You do not do, you do not do
Any more, black shoe
In which I have lived like a foot
For thirty years, poor and white,
Barely daring to breathe or Achoo.
—Sylvia Plath, from “Daddy”

I don’t do any number of things. One wonders what I even do when I don’t do anything. Well, I mostly work. When I don’t work, then I’m thinking of work and feeling guilty that I’m not working (it’s happening right now). On an unrelated note, my one-year anniversary since my holiday in the psych ward is approaching and I bloody wish I had the time and means to go for a second round.

On a note related to this post’s title, I don’t watch the news. (That’s STD, I mean, STO, meaning Stating The Obvious, since I already said that in the post title). As to why I don’t watch the news, it’s mainly to protect any residual remainders of sanity I still might possess.

People often wonder why I don’t watch the news. I wonder why anyone would watch the news. I’m very stubborn-headed in not doing something only because other people do it. That’s not a legit reason to me. Even if most people do something, they might be wrong, or they might be right, but it might still not be the right thing to do for me.

A common argument for watching the news is to stay informed about the world. That sounds like a nice idea, but why exactly should I stay informed about the world? When I don’t close my eyes fast enough and a bit of news pops in my face, it’s mostly political intrigue, mass murder and natural disaster.

How exactly does knowing where the last terrorist attack happened broaden my horizons? Sure, it is a tragedy, but that’s sort of STO again, stating the obvious. What can I do in the light of this news? Tell me because I have seriously no idea. I don’t think I could prevent bombings, bribery or hurricanes.

I might be narrow-minded not to watch the news but it’s alright with me really. News is the perfect trigger for depression, and I already generate enough depression without that, so I’m good. I simply can’t see why I should expose myself to something that makes me feel helpless, hopeless and terrified. I don’t believe this exposure would make me a better person. If you do have a good reason to watch the news though, please tell me! I need inspiration.

12 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: Why I Don’t Watch the News

  1. I don’t watch TV at all. Sometimes, I miss the news, only to be more aware of what’s going on. But you’re absolutely right in saying that they bring nothing to our sanity nowadays…
    So I don’t have any solution for you, except keep not watching, we’re all better off without the news. 😉


    1. You are right, one sometimes misses knowing what’s up in the world, but then, I do think it’s a serious threat to one’s sanity, especially when one is somewhat insane already 😉 Thank you for tuning in! Glad to see I’m not the only crazy person who doesn’t watch TV (I don’t even own a TV).


  2. I never watch TV news, and I miss news didn’t pop up on social media sites like Facebook. It’s overwhelming to hear about natural disasters, violent incidents, political insurrections, etc., from literally every corner of the world. Lately, a news magazine has been sending me a daily digest of news, and I try to make myself skim that. (Then I feel depressed.)


    1. Exactly! One sometimes tries to look at the news to see what’s up but it’s only depressing. I’m somewhat concerned I’d miss the end of the world since I don’t watch the news, but I’ll take my risks. Here’s to sanity and good news!

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  3. I’m feeling honored that I inspired your blog!! Both my sons HATE the news. When my youngest son…now 26… was a kid he would yell at me to turn off the news. Isn’t that crazy? Like he has an innate knowing. My older son will point out how it’s all marketing related and will point out how the commercial immediately following a story will somehow be related. And then there was a Facebook story posted recently about people being some significant amount happier AND lose weight when they don’t watch the news. Soooo, you’re not crazy!! You’re one of the smart enlightened ones!!! I know sorry for the long response!!


    1. Aw, thank you so much for your comment, I love comments ❤ That’s an interesting story about people being happier and losing weight when going news-free – though it makes sense, one certainly is happier when not watching the horror of the news, and as to the losing weight part, it’s probably because you don’t need to soothe your nerves with snacks after news watching. Your son has great insights, actually. Say hello to him! And thank you also for the prompt that inspired this post. It made me think.

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  4. Trust me, you’re not missing anything by not watching. I do – sort of, but mainly I watch my crocheting 🙂 I also skim the newspaper of a morning, but mainly I read the comics and do the crossword for my dose of morning brain exercise. I do the watching and reading thing because that has become part of decades long routine, one fostered by my dearly beloved. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t bother….except for the brain exercise


    1. I see, it is a kind of ritual, watching the news. I think you’re doing much better solving your crosswords and preferring comics and not giving the news too much attention. Much more wholesome!

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