Photo Gallery: Filtered and Faded

Photo Gallery: Filtered and Faded

My love of filters is almost as great as my lack of photo skills. I’ve just discovered a new faded-effect filter in Snapseed, the app I use for editing my seedy snaps. So now I slap the filter indiscriminately on everything. That’s how good I am.

8 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Filtered and Faded

  1. Grrr… WordPress just ate my (incomplete) comment. Let me try this again.

    My favourite shot is, “coffee, kittens and crap”. Those things also happen to be some of my favourite things. You know what else I love? Snapseed! I’ve been using it almost exclusively for my iPad snaps ever since I discovered it.


    1. Aw, thank you for bravely re-typing your lost comment! “Coffee, cats and crap” is my Instagram tagline. I think it captures the idea quite well.

      Snapseed is great, right? Quite powerful for a mobile app. Though the new interface that rolled out a few days ago freaked me out. I thought I broke it…


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