Developing Your Eye II: Small Scale

Developing Your Eye II: Small Scale

Part of WordPress’s photography course Developing Your Eye II.

My today’s photo prompt is scale. The idea was to show something miniature against something large. Since I refuse to leave my flat and haven’t found anything other than normal-sized items at home, I shot coins. They are current Czech coins, one of the smallest and one of the largest existing nominal value.


14 thoughts on “Developing Your Eye II: Small Scale

  1. It’s so rare to se photos of other currencies on WP. Thanks! The coin on the left looks like an American Dime in size, the right coin looks like it’s Quarter size or so.


        1. No, our currency are Czech crowns, I wasn’t quite clear in my comment: I was just trying to say that all coins I can think of are round, except for the new British pound, which is actually 12-sided (I got it wrong in my comment). So that’s it 🙂


          1. Australia is such a new country we don’t do ancient unless you belong to the original Australians, who didn’t construct buildings !


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