What I Hated the Least Today 266/365: Freeedooom!!!

What I Hated the Least Today 266/365: Freeedooom!!!

I put the nation in procrastination. (That’s smart, no? Did you even notice there was a nation in procrastination? Now you know! You’re welcome.) I hate YouTube. (Wait for it, the link between procrastination and YouTube will shortly manifest itself, if it’s not already clear.)

So I go to YouTube to play some super focus brain food study music and—half an hour later I find myself watching cat videos. That’s where the procrastination comes in. It’s a guest that overstays its welcome, lives on your wi-fi, eats up your energy (if you had any to start with) and leaves you brain dead (if you had a brain to start with). Another half an hour later, I find myself watching:

  • Cultural differences between Korea and Japan. (Why the fuck would I watch that? What do I know about Korea or Japan? What do I get out of learning about their differences when I hardly tell them apart? I’m so dumb.)
  • Make-up tutorials for hooded eyelids. (What on earth are hooded eyelids? Is that a rare genetic disease? Do I have it? Why do I watch make-up tutorials when I’m intent on doing make-up my way anyway? [I just slash around with a black eye pencil and call it make-up.])
  • Weird things about the Czech Republic. (Seriously, though, what can I possibly be up to? I am a bloody native and I know the good stuff and the weird stuff already. Am I letting someone who’s clearly not a native educate me about my country? Phew.)

Where the nation in YouTube procrastination comes in is that two thirds of my time-wasting videos are about nations. I’m not sure how the YouTube algorithm came to believe that I’m keen on geography, but now I’m inclined to believe it myself. And since you’re now deep in the dark loop of the Mara algorithm (insert evil synthetic laughter), I suggest that you watch the following video purportedly about my country (it’s pretty accurate, actually). But don’t dare go away after you watch! I have more shit to say after that.

Hey, you’re still there? You’d better. I’ll cut this ridiculously branched-out post short already. By virtue (or vice) of free association (and YouTube suggestions), I ended up watching (several times) a video I’ve seen a while ago and still adore. I’ll post it below so you could partake at my pleasure (don’t think anything nasty, in all decency, of course). It’s about my favourite nation, which are the Scottish (duh).

When you think Scotland, you should think Freeedooom because stereotypes. Stereotypes are fine with me, they help us make sense of this fuckup (pardon me please, plus, credit me with this neologism) which is the world. And when I was thinking freedom, I thought, Wait, I’m still doing this self-imposed What I Hated (the Least) Today blogging challenge, what the heck, why do I even?

Well, I know well why I even, it’s because I’m unreasonably obstinate. I don’t know when to abandon the sinking ship because I’m no rat. I should learn from the rats. I hear they’re smart. Smarter than my dumb ass, clearly. The point of my rambling about freedom and rats is that I’m thinking the unthinkable: abandoning the challenge and getting myself some Freeedooom!!! You know, the challenge of blogging whatever I want whenever I wantever (that’s not a typo, that’s a feature, I mean, neologism).

So what do you think? Yeah, you probably can’t think right now because you’ve read so many words. Sorry about that. Please do soothe your nerves with the following hilarious (I promise!) video while allowing me one last love declaration: I absolutely adore the Scottish accent. Can you imagine the awkward moments I’ve had at numerous conferences when a fellow Scottish academic (especially when male) asked me a question and I wasn’t listening because I was just melting away in the beauty of the accent? Don’t even get me started.

Watch the video until the end so you don’t cheat yourself of the best!


8 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 266/365: Freeedooom!!!

    1. Ha! Moravian cookies! Never heard of that, so I Googled and learned a new thing 🙂 Thank you for enlightening me! And yes, it is connected to Moravia, the cookies, but they were only made when the Moravians came to America.


  1. The guy talking about Czechia is in the wrong career – he should be an auctioneer or a horse race caller! It’s a wonder he doesn’t trip over his own tongue 🙂
    I am guilty of sending you a couple of links to cat videos – my bad 😦 Still friends ?


    1. You’re so right, I had a hard time following the moderator even though he was talking about a subject familiar to me. There is really such a thing as speaking too fast! Please do send kittens my way any time, I appreciate that! Because, well, cats ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. As soon as I saw it I thought of you – and then immersed myself in them. Had many a good giggle. I miss having cats. We used to always have one of each -a cat and a dog I mean. My current fur baby would turn green if I dared to get one now. That, and she would either play with it into a permanent state of fear or kill it – perhaps intentionally even !


        1. I think it’s the best balance, to have a doggy and a kitty. But unless you get them at the same time, it’s hard to make them friends later, I guess. I know, like you, that my cat couldn’t stand another pet, she’s too used to being the sole subject of my attention!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Why do I watch make-up tutorials when I’m intent on doing make-up my way anyway?’ This is SO me. I’d watch a make-up tutorial thinking I’d learn how to improve on my makeup, and then as I’m watching the tutorial I’d think, ‘This make-up way takes up waaaay to much time’. And then next week I’d find myself watching another make-up tutorial. The cycle repeats.


    1. I’m so (perversely) happy I’m not alone in this! I have no idea why I watch something I know I won’t do, but still keep on watching it. As they say, it’s the definition of crazy to do the same thing and expect different results…


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