Finding Everyday Inspiration: So, You Think Your President Is the Worst?

Finding Everyday Inspiration: So, You Think Your President Is the Worst?

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

Yes, I’ve noticed I’ve completed the challenge already! But I can’t see how it should stop me from getting challenged even more?

One of the writing tasks that I’ve done as part of the challenge was to respond to a prompt by your readers. Since I got multiple prompts, I think it appropriate to tackle all—when you bothered to waste a minute of your life suggesting something, how could I not bother taking up the suggestion?

Next is that little voice in my head. Wait, I mean, That Little Voice, which is not in my head this time but it’s actually Margo with this idea:

Write about something you like least, whatever it is. A hobby you don’t have, cats vs. dogs, the crazy president…

Thanks for playing with me, I specialise in writing about what I like least! I like pretty much everything the least. I’m hard to impress. What caught my attention though was the crazy president part. So, you guys think your president is crazy, huh? Don’t get me even started about ours.

I’m such a humanitarian, so I present below one past and one present Czech president, for education and entertainment, and so you could feel better about yours, wherever you’re from. Our past president got famous for petty theft, while our present one for being permanently drunk. It’s not that I blame him.

The Thieving President

The Drinking President

Feeling better now? You’re welcome.

15 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: So, You Think Your President Is the Worst?

  1. Hahahaha. Oh dear. He’s having a great time. And I haven’t seeen that video of Yeltsin dancing in so long. Thanks for sharing 😂😂😂 I can remember the last time I laughed out loud before 9am.


    1. I’m so happy the videos came in handy for your morning! Yep, the heads of states are probably having fun but one would expect they’d behave more, uh, dignified, given their position.

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  2. Hehe, a drunk president. That’s pretty cool. One of our former prime ministers (Jens Stoltenberg, he’s the head of NATO now) once bumped his car into a parked car.
    Since there were witnesses, he properly left a note on the windshield. Usually one writes “sorry, I accidentally destroyed the paint of your car.” and leave your phone number in such cases. Then later you pay for the damages. One of the witnesses went over and checked the note that Stoltenberg had left and he hadn’t written anything on it at all. He just did it so that he could appear as a trustworthy person.
    I’m pretty sure that his colleagues in NATO are the same type of persons.


    1. Your primer minister sounds pretty creepy – and somewhat stupid. At least our politicians aren’t that stealthy about their misconduct. They just do whatever they like openly. I like honest thieves.


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