Photo Gallery: Supermarket

Photo Gallery: Supermarket

No  subject is too low to deserve a photo. Every moment is a potential occasion for photography. That’s at least what I’m telling myself because I have no life and hence nothing to take pictures of. To prove to myself that anything goes, I did a photo shoot in Tesco.

30 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Supermarket

  1. Mara–I love food shopping so this warmed my heart. I have taken photos of the produce and flowers at our local market. Needless to say–I think these are wonderful!


    1. Aww, thank you so much for your kind comment, I’m so pleased that you found something to your liking in this little humble post! I like grocery shopping too – the process of choosing things and trying new things, not so much the process of going to the shop and carrying the groceries home… I have more photos from the supermarket for later 😉

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    1. It’s often this empty, it’s a supermarket in a small town of 10 thousand people, serving also neighbouring villages, and it’s never crowded! Of course, I deliberately avoided people when taking my snaps too.


  2. I think documenting things that are everyday is an appropriate subject for photography. Are you familiar with the photography of Martin Parr? He takes fantastic images documenting everyday, “normal” life as a sort of anthropological study.


    1. I had to Google Martin Parr, and I was pleasantly surprised with his fresh perspective! Thank you for point him out to me. It’s good when you find something interesting in the everyday. Something to refresh the everyday a bit and make it, perhaps, extraordinary…

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    1. Oh great, have you posted your photos on the blog? I’m not sure I’ve seen them… Cemeteries are perhaps my most favourite location to shoot at. So majestic, dignified and quiet… And streets, of course, are great too!

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