What I Hated the Least Today 264/365: That September Feeling

What I Hated the Least Today 264/365: That September Feeling

Fellow blogger Amy’s post on her ambivalent feelings about September made me think about what I think about the end of summer. My September perceptions split in two opposing groups: those happening on the 1st September and those anytime after that.

Last year’s September

1st September

Oh my god, I mean, oh my universe, it’s September! Yay-you. What do I do? I want to do something new. Start a new blogging challenge! Start a new life! Get a new kitten! *I’m excitedly pacing around the flat and wondering what to start first.*

Anyone knows if the kids are at school today or if they’re going only on Monday? At any rate, serve them well. They’ll be removed from the streets, won’t make so much noise and maybe get educated in the process.

I think I want to go to school again. School must be different now. I am different now. I want to learn stuff. Gain an encyclopaedic knowledge of irrelevant trivia. Maybe I’d pick up some Maths. I nearly failed it but this time I’d rock it.

2nd+ September

Oh fuck, it’s September. Woke up all drenched after a nightmare when I was sick, missed classes and got hopelessly and forever lost. Once for all, my stupid mind, you’re done with school. No last exams. No last theses. No last anything. You’re good.

Except it’s got so cold. And getting colder. Constantly cold feet, hands and nose for the next nine months or so. Time to take out the oil heater. I’ve already put on layered clothes. I’m taking out scarves and mittens. I’m terrified of winter.


19 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 264/365: That September Feeling

  1. Sorry about the cold Mara. The US east coast is experiencing about 15 degree cooler than normal temps right now. Will be 103 here in Las Vegas Valley today. Stop on by! โค๏ธ


    1. No worries, I’ll probably survive, I hope, but I am more terrified of the cold than it would be reasonable. There was a sudden sharp drop in temperature here, coinciding with the start of September.

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          1. Please tell me you haven’t swallowed the global warming lie! That entire load of dookie is strictly political, and for control of people’s minds.


          2. Earth has gone through tons of climate changes over the millennia, the Geologic record proves this. The big scare is just that, a political grab for power, money and control of the masses with fear and scare tactics that are just ludicrous BS. Visit this site regularly for scientific perspectives on this subject, sans the scare tactics and fear mongering;



          3. An interesting site, thanks for pointing me to it! I browsed a bit around, though my normal browsing involves more kittens – I’m all for escapism, apparently…

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          4. Me too, reality can really suck at times… Look at our East Coast right now, yet another hurricane bearing down. Glad I’m in the desert.


  2. Terrified. Yes – a deep primal disturbance.

    It’s not the cold so much as the dark. Who in their right mind would stay where it is dark?

    I had a mental picture that during the last Ice Age, two men go for the summer to Britain from Mainland Europe across the ice bridge that covered the northern hemisphere.

    September came and it got dark and they decided to go back to Italy. When they got to the coast the ice bridge had melted and they were trapped. And I picture what they said and how they swore.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! Yes, exactly, I have a deep-seated instinctive fear of winter, which is perfectly irrational because there’s no real risk I’d freeze to death like your prehistoric men. It’s a wonderful little story to imagine. Well, it may not have a happy ending, but what does.


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