Caturday Who?

Caturday Who?

This isn’t even my cat. It’s a resident cat cafe cat. The cafe offers coffee-to-go but not cat-to-go, sadly.

6 thoughts on “Caturday Who?

    1. Likewise. It’s an interesting concept, these cat cafes, I wonder if there are dog cafes too. Not cafes where they serve cat/dog meat but where they have live specimen, obviously.


  1. There are a few cafes here in Oz that are rescue cat cafes. They are set up with all the catty things like scratching posts, beds, toys etc. You can go in and pet them, have them join you for coffee – they have cat treats available – pet them, play with them. Unfortunately not here in Adelaide 😦


    1. It’s a worldwide thing, these cat cafes, though I was quite surprised that it made its way even here to where I live. The one I’ve been in was lovely and the cats were great – they weren’t timid but friendly and would be all over you…


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