Finding Everyday Inspiration: Scathing Critique of My Blog

Finding Everyday Inspiration: Scathing Critique of My Blog

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

Today’s writing challenge caters for the opinionated individuals who always wanted to be art critics to have their subjective judgements validated in print, have them read by other clueless individuals who pretend to be artistic and enlighten them as to whether they should like some piece of art or not. In short, the task is to write a piece of criticism, positive or otherwise. I choose otherwise and give you a perfectly objective review of this very blog.

When in doubt, insert coffee

The blog of Mara Eastern purports to be “hysterically hilarious”, as the author promises in her tagline. Sadly, she fails to deliver in all respects. Perhaps the blogger knows well why she is hiding under a pen name and does not show her face in photos, apart from the pathetic and heavily edited partial selfie that she uses as her would-be avatar.

The blandly designed website provides zero aesthetic experience and what’s even worse, the poorly organised navigation elements make it near to impossible for the prospective reader to find their way around. Given the lack of design efforts, you would naturally assume that the focus is on quality writing. You’d be tragically mistaken.

The blogger publishes prolifically—one can’t help thinking that she’d better spend the time by making herself useful—and the variety of post types found here is not eclectic, but plainly chaotic, unstructured and incoherent. The blog has no apparent unifying idea; it could be almost argued that there is no single idea on the whole site.

The blogger occasionally attempts what she dares to call photography. Apparently, where she lives, they don’t have camera manuals (or can’t read them). Her primitive point-and-shoot snaps give the impression that she stole them from the toy camera of a three-year-old. Someone should probably do her the favour of informing her that any self-respecting blogger in the civilised world takes photos with the iPhone, edits them in Photoshop (or, at worst, Lightroom) and posts them from their MacBook Pro.

As to said blogger’s writing, she can hardly string a sentence together, let alone a sensible paragraph. As though she were not aware of her deficiency, she produces lengthy articles that no clearly-thinking human being would possibly want to read. She presumably does not have internet access and is therefore not aware that any blog worth the name is based on brief catchphrases, animated gifs and Game of Thrones memes.

I do not wish to sound unkind, so I will not suggest that the blogger end herself. Still, I strongly recommend that she remove herself from the internet, immediately and permanently, and do the mankind a service.

15 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: Scathing Critique of My Blog

  1. No, don’t leave the Net! Your site design in my view is actually current design for many sites big and small, using the Minimalist approach to focus the reader on the content. And I really like your thoughts Mara. Your an interesting woman. 🌴👍🏻😎


    1. Haha, thank you for you kind comment, I was just messing around – and it was some serious fun to write a hate post about your own blog – and I’m certainly not going anywhere! Thanks again and cheers 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. As I read your self-criticism I did think most of us have a poor opinion of ourselves and so the temptation to write as you do allows you to poke fun at yourself and I am assuming it is all tongue in cheek…if we never hear from you again I’ll assume you took your own advice and did mankind a service. That would be most disappointing as we would then be deprived of your special wit and humour.
    The notion of criticism is interesting though in that the easy part is the negative side, the difficult part is the positive and in that we should, I think, look to ways in which the ‘blog’ for argument sake, could be improved apart from ending everything. Then when you are dealing with a very subjective issue you can be harder on yourself than others might be.
    The bottom line for me is the blog is yours, do on it, write on it whatever you want. Those who like it will read it, those who don’t won’t.


    1. You are right, of course, it’s all tongue-in-cheek and it was so much fun to write! I don’t seriously authentically think that my blog sucks that badly, it sucks just normal, but I felt like writing some satire…

      Criticism is difficult – they say that those who can’t write become critics of other people’s writing – and if I’ve learned something by doing literary criticism is that you should never let your subjective judgement show in your review or paper or whatever. I’ve learned to write praise pieces on books I genuinely hate.


    1. Lol, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I might print it out and pin it on my board. Btw the admiration is mutual, I’m in love with your post about the couple and dog photo!

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