Finding Everyday Inspiration: I Watch My Cat Sleep

Finding Everyday Inspiration: I Watch My Cat Sleep

Part of WordPress’s writing course Finding Everyday Inspiration.

Today’s writing prompt involves going out and watching people. I’m not doing it for so many reasons.

Number one, I’m scared to out after an incident with a neighbour yesterday, which sent me spiralling down into a panic attack. I might or might not blog about it, I’m currently deciding which will be more therapeutic.

Number two, I’ve been there and done that. The same task was part of an earlier writing course I took and I already completed it. It resulted in an unexciting post.

Number three, nothing is happening. I consider that a good thing. Nothing is not a particularly suitable subject to write about though.

Instead, I’ll watch my cat sleep.

Look who’s not sleeping

My (her own) cat sleeps on her half of the double bed and I sleep on mine. That’s at least what I think. In fact, the bed and everything else is the cat’s.

The cat joins me on the bed shortly after I tuck myself in. She usually curls up at the bottom, next to my feet. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m on guard so I wouldn’t kick the poor thing when I’m tossing and turning.

When I wake up at night, I watch the cat sleep. There’s not much to be seen. In the dark, the cat is just a dark heap, which could be mistaken for a bundle of clothes. One can’t tell where the head is and where the tail.

Towards the morning, the cat often moves to the other end of the bed, next to my face. She’s there when I wake up to get up. Sometimes she’s still sleeping. She breathes fast but steadily and her furry downside is rising and falling.

She is wide awake the moment I start moving. She comes for a cuddle. She sits or crouches with her front paws tucked beneath her and presents her head for a rub. Cuddling the cat is the first thing I do in the morning and the most zen thing to do.

40 thoughts on “Finding Everyday Inspiration: I Watch My Cat Sleep

  1. So sweet, the cats! I grew up in a “cats” household. There were, at one point, 22 housecats, when two gave birth within a week or so of each other. I loved having them present in my life. Two parents, seven children, and 22 cats. 😀 We each of us woke up with a cat to cuddle, I suspect. Special life, you enjoy!

    The most adventurous I am getting with this prompt (I’m still one behind) is describing my garden … or my dogs playing “King on the Hill” with the loveseat as the hill. Noisy!


    1. Oh dear, that’s a lot of cats for sure!! It’s great that each kid had his or her own private cat, so to say 🙂

      This prompt is a good concept, but it’s somehow hard to do when your life is rather sedate, as mine. It would be probably great if you could sit at the airport or perhaps at a bench in a zoo and watch the comings and goings.


  2. Cats rule the roost! Always. You are privileged to be allowed to sleep with Ella in the same bed. AND you get to cuddle her 🙂 She must think you’re pretty special. Either that, or she wants to keep you on side so she gets fed!


  3. So much more fun to watch the cat! I’m sorry you had a bad incident with the neighbour. I could easily write about people in this building … I would have great blogging material, but I won’t do that. I’m afraid someone would find it. McDuff’s sleeping habits comes and goes in cycles. It does happen he sleeps with us in bed, but it’s rare and not all night.


    1. People are fun to watch, but depends on the people. I’m enjoying the privilege of blogging under a pseudonym, so I doubt anyone could find it just like that. It’s not that it would be a huge tragedy, but I don’t think it’s nice to write about people if those people might read it and take offence.

      My cat doesn’t have a regular sleeping routine either, but what I described above is her most common one – and my favourite. She never fails to come for a cuddle in the morning though, no matter what.

      The neighbour thing was trivial really, but it affected me terribly – she yelled at me because I didn’t clean the staircase up to her standards. shrug Happens.


      1. I’ve often wished I’d been blogging totally anonymous. I think I’ve started that way also, but always ended up mentioning the name of the city or some such. This current one, I have listed on my FB page so …

        Yelling at other people is not nice … that’s loss of arguments and class. It would have affected me too … lots.


        1. It’s hard to maintain your blogging anonymity and I’ve grown careless myself, posting photos and mentioning names that are quite specific – but then, it’s not like I’m a terrorist plotting some super secret plot, just a blogger doing basically nothing…


          1. True, but if one managed to stay totally anonymous, there would be many fun stories one could write about … both here in the building, and my former job 😀


          2. Sometimes I am tempted to set up a second blog, which would be TOTALLY anonymous, and write crap on it. I mean, even more crap than my normal crap. But I never did it.


  4. Firstly, love the photo of your kitty cat. Secondly, I love that you studied her instead of people. Animals can be so much more interesting. Thirdly, I love how much you clearly love her.


    1. Thank you, Desley, for your lovely comment! As a fellow animal lover, you got it 🙂 I thought that instead of writing about random people, I’d write about something I love, so it ended up with the cat.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s strange, but it’s an ancient post, so it could be broken. I was myself surprised by it, I remembered I wrote something like this but I didn’t recall how I approached it. It’s fun to take a trip down the memory lane of your own blog sometimes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is. I’m writing the one-word inspiration post and I chose home. Then realized I wrote about home before. Very interesting reading the old stuff.


        1. The challenge is clearly meant for beginners, so it’s not so challenging for seasoned bloggers like us – but it is certainly helpful to get a nudge and a prompt to write about 🙂

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  5. Hi Mara, after a long time, I’m back to blogging more often. And I’m also following the course since yesterday.
    Great to read your posts again. You haven’t changed your sardonic, sharp, authentic and well articulated writing style. I’m happy to be back and enjoy it.


    1. I can’t even begin to say how excited I am about your blogging return – I’m not usually excited, but it’s quite special that all the “old” bloggers are reappearing again, doing the same course. I look forward very much to reading whatever you come up with next for the challenge!


      1. You put a big smile in my face, Mara. I know you hate what I’m going to say, but your words are heartwarming.
        Isn’t that amazing that without communicating with each other or planning, somehow we are coming back, blogging again, following the same courses? There might be some sort of energy bringing us together or some cyborg conspirator among us! lol
        Thanks again. Likewise I am looking forward to reconnecting and reading your superb posts.


        1. Aww, thank you so much for you super kind words, if I had the ability to feel anything, I’d be deeply touched and humbled.

          The universe works in strange ways, bringing us all together again! This time, I wholeheartedly agree with this twist of the universe (though I don’t have a heart).


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