Photo Gallery: Catholic Church

Photo Gallery: Catholic Church

I’ve been to the local church. It’s a small country church really, but as I examined it, I was surprised by the abundance of marble, the heavily gilded statues and the stained glass windows. It’s a Catholic church, hence the amount of decorations—now I quite get the Protestants.

As I stealthily slipped in with my camera, I half-expected to be kicked out for desecrating the property. Instead, I found there two surveyors with their equipment, going about their business. I don’t have a very clear idea what the business of surveyors is—maybe there’s a meridian or something running through the building?

In order to acknowledge the sanctity of the place, I was thinking about dipping my finger in the holy water at the entrance and crossing myself—that’s the standard ritual—but then I remembered that I’m a bloody Buddhist and also, there was no water.


12 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Catholic Church

  1. Those old churches are often magnificent in the amount of gold and what have you. In Australia, we don’t have the age of the churches you have been in. I remember being in Innsbruck and going into the local Cathredal which had a guy at the door to make sure you didn’t steal any of the gold but was also helpful in explaining the grandeur.

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    1. I wonder if the decorations in churches are gilded or actual gold. I’ve always assumed they’re worthless because otherwise, they would have to be guarded at all times, which they aren’t here. And we’re a country where even benches at bus stops are chained into the pavement so no one would steal them…

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  2. My blog is Catholic Mindfulness. Mindfulness as in Buddhist Mindfulness practice. I have a blog post where I discuss the Dharmakaya as God. Come have a visit if you like.


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