What I Hated the Least Today 256/365: Bright New Things

What I Hated the Least Today 256/365: Bright New Things

What I’ve Been Up to Blogging-Wise

The desert of my inspiration

After many dry months with an average post precipitation of one to three pieces per month, I’ve been surprised by a sudden boost in my blogging mood. (Such as the local road maintenance services are surprised by snow each year, though I live in a country where it snows each winter.) I’ve produced more posts in the last few days than I did in the last few months together. So what’s going on? I can’t say (I would if I knew), so instead, here’s a clueless song which asks the same question.

Coffee Break: Clueless Song

Continuation: Blogging Plans

My new favourite halfie

Exactly forever ago I started my cheeky take on gratitude projects and called it What I Hated the Least Today. The idea was to run this on a daily basis but it went oops. Out of sheer stubbornness, I refuse to drop the project and instead drag it along, masquerading each my new post with this heading. I intend to continue to do so because I continue being stubborn.

I love exploring all new because discovering a new thing makes me feel less like I’m so old and like I’ve seen everything already. I’ve been looking for some bring new thing for my time-wasting through blogging and I got something. First, I’ve changed my avatar to my current favourite halfie. Second, I’ve changed my blog’s tagline. Remember how I hated on rainbows and sold the unicorn on eBay? Well, no more. The new tagline is in beta version. Please don’t tell me that it’s dumb unless you come up with a suggestion.

Third, I’m ambitious like it ever got me anywhere! As I was procrastinating researching WordPress’s Daily Post blog, I remembered how I hated the least their blogging challenges and courses. The courses used to be organised on particular days and tutored by WP editors. Well, no more. Now it’s on a self-served basis. I’ve however found something to my acquired taste. It’s called Finding Everyday Inspiration, which is what I very much subscribe to. Literally. I subscribed and will be likely seeing through this writing challenge at my own pace. If it sounds like something you fancy trying out too, do jump on the bandwagon—and (don’t) break a leg.

17 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 256/365: Bright New Things

  1. This is great Mara, I hope to see you here more often. It looks like you have changed your theme too? It looks very nice! ❤️


    1. I hope to be here more often too and visit other bloggers as well! I didn’t change my theme but I did fiddle with it a bit, I’m surprised you noticed! And, thank you ❤


  2. I think that I will sign up for Finding Everyday Inspiration (FEI) also. I am taking four-week poetry workshop in September-October (Introduction to Japanese Poetry), and perhaps that will get me geared up for it. Now that I’ve put some years between my former businesses and the related domains, I’ve started using them again, sort of for projects. I did the Write a Poem a Day month, for example, with a group of poets. Since I’m pretty much a shut-in during fall allergy season, it will be interesting to find out how creative I have to be in using FEI’s prompts/techniques.

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    1. Oh that would be amazing if you decided to sign up for the Writing challenge too! It’s more fun when someone else does it at the same time. Intro into Japanese poetry sounds very interesting. Is there more to Japanese poetry than haiku? I’m sure it is…

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      1. I am using thewrittenword.net: http://thewrittenword.net/journal/posts/ — I have just made hash of day 2, trying to make a list of things I’m good at. LOL I think this is going to be fun.

        The workshop specifically covers haiku and tanka. There are other forms (such as renku, renga); I just don’t remember what they are, ’cause I haven’t worked with them much.


        1. Ooh, here you go! I was wondering where you’re currently writing, so I’m glad you shared the link. This is going to be fun! And I hope you’ll try your hand at writing some Japanese poetry too, once your workshop starts.


  3. That’s a fabulous song, I’ve always liked that one…I looked Linda Perry up and she’s 52 years old now…..
    I think our blogs should be evolving and I’m sure yours is…..I like to think mine is too, where its evolving too I have no idea but it provides me with a forum to say and write what i like and I think that’s what blogging should be all about…I do agree that being hysterical can lead to some wonderful expressive blogs from time to time….like in my case including a cat in a post which you wont see too often but which I did note tickled your fancy…


    1. I like this song a lot too, but I didn’t realise the singer was so “old” already. It’s relative, obviously.

      Everything probably naturally evolves, whether a person or a blog. It’s a good thing. Better to evolve in unknown directions than to stand still at the same spot forever!

      I did enjoy your cat post and I think you could pull off working with pets more often. Try introducing, say, a unicorn?

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      1. Believe it or not but at present I am dog sitting for my son, a small fluff ball of a dog called Ted.
        You’ll be pleased to know I am scheduling a tale weaver prompt about unicorns.


  4. Hi Mara. Thanks for sharing this course with us. I shall certainly be contributing to it, minimal IT skills permitting. Although I have been posting quite a lot recently, I miss the discipline and feedback provided by the rehab courses and workshops. Paul


    1. That would be lovely if you took the writing course too! I believe you won’t need any IT skills beyond writing a blog post, which you can do 😀 I also miss the discipline of a daily challenge and the feedback was one of the main reasons why I took the previous courses with WordPress. It’s a shame they don’t run them anymore in a more organised manner.


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