What I Hated the Least Today 241/365: Weirdo Dreams

What I Hated the Least Today 241/365: Weirdo Dreams

I usually have realistic nightmares, which I remember in great detail and wake up confused whether it actually happened or not. However, today I had something between a dream and a nightmare, which was utterly unrealistic (obviously, you don’t know that when you’re in the process dreaming it) and which amused me wholeheartedly.

My 65-year-old-mother gave birth to a baby. I found the newborn in the sink in my childhood home. We were deciding whether to keep it or toss it (I know, WTF). I was for giving it away, but the baby looked cute, so I thought we could just as well keep it. It was a girl whom my mother insisted on calling Jiřina, which is an idiotic name that I can’t even pronounce (though it’s in my mother tongue), so I was having second (third) thoughts on keeping her.

Cut to the last day of school. All fellow students were present and the programme was to watch a movie in an open-air cinema. I arrived in my wheelchair, though my legs were fully functioning. As I wheeled in the cinema, a nurse grabbed me to give me a urinary catheter (double WTF). While it didn’t hurt, I didn’t enjoy having the procedure performed on me in public. A classmate whom I considered actually disabled joined me in her wheelchair, which she would however leave periodically to walk around.

Still sulking about my catheter, I was about to leave early, but another nurse stopped me. I wasn’t recognising her, but she insisted I wasn’t allowed to go because of my history. Apparently, I would be always leaving classes to have a smoke or overeat myself with chocolate. Since I indulge in both of these evils, I didn’t protest, despite my amnesia, and felt duly deeply ashamed.

A spatiotemporal discontinuity happened and I was just about to leave home for the last day of school. My father offered me a lift but I’d have to go right away. I immediately freaked out because I hadn’t applied my make-up yet. I categorically explained to my father that going out without make-up is not an option. Then I fell in a hysterical fit of anger directed at those who own cars and have no clue what it’s like having to walk everywhere. I got myself quite worked up.

I wonder how the dream ended; I either got a stroke in it or I just stopped dreaming it. I also wonder how the fuck my brain comes up with this crazy stuff. Some motifs make sense though and can be explained, I think, in the sense that the dream seems to reflect my real-life fear of not being in control and my anxiety about being always perfect. Also, I probably needed to pee, hence the catheter. Is it me or do you also have nonsense dreams like this?


12 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 241/365: Weirdo Dreams

  1. Wow, those are some wild dreams! A Catheter in public! Great to wake up and realise they are dreams. I’ve had some creepy dreams over the years as well as naughty dreams too. 😉


  2. Our brains are crazy in sleep mode. I once had a vivid dream my Grandad had been reincarnated as a sock monkey and I cried when I woke up and realized it wasn’t true. I also have had a recurring dream, since I was 5, about a TRex that stalks me. It’s no longer scary, just annoying. I’m having a perfectly lovely dream and then the TRex turns up and ruins the dream by derailing it.


    1. Exactly, our brains work in such mysterious ways when we’re not consciously controlling them! Your dreams are pretty scary. I would sometimes dream that a family member died and I’d wake up in tears. But no reincarnation as a sock monkey… I never dreamt about dinosaurs either, just big cats stalking me – fortunately, I always wake up to my small cat stalking me, which isn’t such a threat.

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  3. They say there are messages within dreams..yes you may well have just needed to pee…lol….they also say you never see a new face in a dream but the face of someone you have seen before…..yes I have had weird dreams, I kissed a boy in one of them and that freaked me out no end….I had a lot of dreams about wading upstream after I left my marriage and they all made sense at the time…..sometimes its hard to understand what they are about and often only snippets seem to remain…..but I can’t ay I’ve woken up angry and worked up, that must be quite the experience…lol…


    1. Yes, I believe dreams may communicate something, but I wouldn’t take the message literally! Though I understand totally than your boy kissing dream freaked you out. The wading upstream dream sounds actually quite nice. Like suggesting a new path for you… I’m a very calm person and never get worked up in reality, so I guess I’m compensating for it in my dreams.

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      1. Yes the wading upstream was a new path, despite the struggle well worth it in the end….so in dreams you must thrash about in your bed?


  4. Hi Mara,
    It’s me again. As always, I’ve been reading your posts with great interest and amusement over the past few months.
    Freud’s Traumdeutung explains all of this. Dreams are a combination of repressed desires (e.g. desire to pee competing with desire to continue sleeping), day’s residues (i.e. bits and pieces of what you did the day before, especially those that distressed you), and childhood memories. Mix it all up in a mind coshed by sleep and/or drugs and you get a dream. Although the therapeutic value and biological function of all this is still highly debatable, Freud’s method for interpreting the workings of dreams is still the best there is.


    1. Hello Paul, great to hear from you again! I was thinking exactly of Freud when writing this post; while I haven’t read his Interpretation of Dreams, I have read some of his other work and I find his ideas fascinating. He would totally love my dreams 😉 You broke it down perfectly, what dreams consist of. Makes sense to me.


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