What I Hated the Least Today 238/365: Shit Crazy Cat Ladies Do

What I Hated the Least Today 238/365: Shit Crazy Cat Ladies Do

Though I’m owned by one cat only, I’ve recently noticed that I act like a full-time crazy cat woman. This is what I do with my cat on a daily basis:

  • Asking the cat questions like I expect an answer (Did you miss me? What’s up? Have you finished eating? Are you being good? Have you been to the box? What are you seeing?)
  • Telling the cat things while talking about myself in the third person and referring to myself as mummy (Mummy’s going out now but will be back soon. Of course that mummy loves you! Mummy’s going to eat now, but you eat at 7:30, ok?)
  • Answering the cat’s random meows with Hush, kitty, mummy knows.
  • Pulling faces at the cat while she is staring quietly and wonders if her human went nuts.
  • Singing to the cat, in a terrible voice, improvised sing-songs featuring the cat (You’re my kitty, little kitty, favourite kitty, lalala…).
  • Rolling on the floor and playing with cat toys because it’s beneath my cat to play with them and they’re just lying around.
  • Being actually pleased as I struggle to get up and the cat has her face in my face, with her look saying, Get the fuck up and make yourself useful!

I know, I should get a life.


32 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 238/365: Shit Crazy Cat Ladies Do

  1. I do all those things except the rolling on the floor part. I have arthritis and painful joints so if I get down on the floor I’d be like that commercial, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” LOL!!


    1. Poor thing! I’m beginning to feel what it is like, incidentally, I was recently diagnosed with beginning arthritis. Fortunately, I’m still mostly painless, mobile and free to fool around with the cat 🙂


  2. But you are having a good time with your cat 😊 But you never really know if she cares about you….this is a bit of a dark thought, but it can be true…


    1. True, I’m having a good time, even if the cat maybe isn’t having such a good time as I 🙂 It’s always hard to tell to what extent your pet likes you, but based on a number of signals, I do think my cat thinks of me rather kindly.

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        1. Oh poor Moe! Will you have to bathe him? My cat used to be an outdoor one and though she sometimes arrived filthy from doing who knows what, she always managed to clean herself.


          1. I usually brush it out, but I just can’t be bothered. It’s dry dirt, so it just looks like his fur is tinted. He will clean it eventually.


  3. What’s crazy about that? Most of my family does that with the dog! I talk to her all the time – she listens, sometimes i swear she’s answering me back. She has looong conversations – really, yes! – with my husband. The only difference with dogs is that they gaze at us with adoring, unconditionally loving goofy expressions. Cats sniff, turn up their tail, and start to groom themselves. Secretly inside, I think they are jumping up and down and saying ‘yes! my human cares’ 🙂


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