What I Hated the Least Today 233/365: Rewrite and Redesign

What I Hated the Least Today 233/365: Rewrite and Redesign

After my unintentionally somewhat depressing post the other day, I decided for a rewrite. Incidentally, I also went for a redesign of my blog.

As to the redesign, I was procrastinating on the blog, trying out new themes lazily and was surprised to see that Independent Publisher 2 actually looks quite nice in the preview. So I spontaneously switched. I also ditched my old Gravatar and header photo because I sort of hated them. The new ones I stole (legitimately took) from a free photobank. I found myself quite engrossed in the process and was pleased with the result, which is an experience I don’t have often. Let’s bask in it.

As to the rewrite, to facilitate positive thinking, I’ll now take the things I complained about in the previous post and will deliberately try to find something good about them. It’s a psychohygiene/awareness exercise for me. I do a lot of these since my stay in the madhouse, but often I don’t really feel it, so I just do it like another task on my to-do list. This might explain why it doesn’t work out that great. So, let’s make it new:

The problem: I’m freezing when stepping out of the shower box.

The positive solution: I’ve always been hypothermic, so tell me something new. Let’s just shut the fufk up and deal with it. (Okay, that’s not as encouraging as I’d hoped, let’s try again.) The good thing about the shower box is that I don’t need to clean it as often as I’d clean a bathtub. Plus, the cat enjoys lapping water from it, and when the cat is happy, I am happy. (How did I do? It’s more positive, no?)

The problem: Some fufker is using my bin.

The positive solution: So what? Actually, I took an affirmative action to deal with it: yesterday was the day when the dustman cometh, so as soon as the bin was emptied, I rolled it back in the tenement backyard, went up in the flat, collected all rubbish I could find and carried it ceremoniously in the bin. Three big bags. I think I can last another week without taking any rubbish out and repeat the same process then. Problem solved.

The problem: The floor of my flat is as crooked as its occupant.

The positive solution: Well, I’m not having floor work done. The good feature of old hardwood floor is that it’s old. Not only is it crooked but also has gaps between the planks, which the cat uses for scratching. Given the age of the floor, my landlord is okay with the cat clawing at it. As to my chair rolling away from the table, I get a free ab workout as I’m trying to prevent it from rolling. Also, when it rolls, the worst thing that can happen is that I hit the bed on the opposite wall. So what.

That much to my freewriting exercise in positive thinking. What do you think?

21 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 233/365: Rewrite and Redesign

  1. You found some positive words! Love the new design Mara, looks great. I tried that theme in a preview, didn’t like it for my site. I keep coming back to the Gather theme. I purchased it, then WP makes them all free it seems. WP can be annoying. Happy rolling Mara! ❤️😉


    1. Thank you for appreciating my attempt! It’s annoying of WP that they made previously paid themes free for those with a Premium plan – it’s unfair for those who paid quite a bit money for their themes. Happy rolling to you too 😀


  2. Yeah, happy rolling! LOL This was a good exercise in positive thinking. In Sweden they’re referred to as ‘shower cabins’ 🙂 Could you keep the bathroom door closed while you shower? You’ll have to wipe the mirror, but so what?!

    I used to like this theme. Where, or rather, why did they make all these themes with 2?


    1. Shower cabins? Hm, it looks more like a box than a cabin to me, but I didn’t bother checking if I had the phrase right. Now, you’re a genius, it didn’t occur to me to try closing the door when showering, I’m such an idiot. I unlearned to close doors when I got a cat. She doesn’t approve of it.

      WP is on the downward spiral in my view. Good that they made paid themes free for those with a Premium plan (but hugely unfair to those who purchased a theme previously); but updating a theme with a number two and pretending it’s a new theme rather than a regular update is just lazy.


  3. Brilliant, the road to positivity cometh before you…..forge on dear friend, there is no end to where all this positive thought might take you…I’ll await news of more positive and fruitful progress….hows that for a positive response???


    1. Thank you for the encouragement, I’ll see where it leads me! For starters, I’m hoping to return to regular blogging, it’s a routine that makes me all the good. And of course, the idea is to make it positive! 😀

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          1. Its all about perception isn’t it…what we see in ourselves is not always what others see and as I only have your words to see you with I reflect what I see which as I understand it does create some contrast to your own perceptions….its a lesson I learned some years ago in coming to terms with what I saw as my own frailties.


  4. Great! Reframing things to acknowledge the positives doesn’t mean you eliminate the negatives. I think it’s about seeing things in a more balanced way. Or at least that’s my experience of it, that I feel more harmony when I view things in a more balanced way. I’m a natural pessimist so I have to be very conscious about seeking out the positive, happy things. Anyway, all of which preamble is to state that I am glad you undertook this exercise and think you did a great job.

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    1. Balance is definitely the key. I’m a born pessimist too, I was one even before I got depressed. I write a daily list of things that made me happy that day – not exuberantly happy, but pleased – and there is something to be happy about each day. It just takes a lot of effort to notice these little things and appreciate them properly. Thank you a lot for your comment and for your encouragement!

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  5. As someone who is OCD, I understand the frustrations choosing a new theme…I’m tempted to change mine but can’t find anything really that tickles my fancy. Oh, and scratch marks on the floor would bother me…


    1. I used to OCD insanely about blog themes. Then I started changing them more often, grew in the practice and now it became much less fuss for me than it was before.

      I know right, I was worried I wouldn’t handle the old floor, but one gets used to anything, I guess. It’s really heavily damaged, with all sorts of cracks, long scratches across half the room, even burnt spots where the previous tenants dropped burning cigarettes. My cat can’t do much more damage to it, so no point forbidding her to scratch the floor, let her have her fun 🙂

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    1. You are absolutely right, I need to practise positivity more often and I can certainly use my blog as an outlet for these activities. After all, it’s my place on the internet, and it’s great to get feedback from others. It’s very encouraging.

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  6. Positive thinkers… I’ve had some of them as colleagues before and most of them has been really annoying, but on the other side people that are constantly negative can also be very demanding.
    I guess all that can be summed up in two words: People suck.

    Anyway, inspired by you, I’ll try some postiive thinking too.
    The problem: I’m tired of being single.
    The positive: Masturbation feels good.


    1. Eternal optimists give me the impression of feeble-minded persons. Eternal pessimists are annoying as fuck, which I know because I live with one – myself. So I’m trying to find some balance.

      I’m also sick of being single/divorced. I’d better get used to it because I haven’t found any normal guy whom I could stand, so I guess I’m on the way to becoming a crazy cat lady instead. The positive: I’ll have lots of cats. I like cats.


  7. Great reframe Mara! Congratulations all round. And the cat is helping you with redecorating. The distressed look is still quite in I believe 🙂


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