What I Hated the Least Today 210/365: Fonts Redux

What I Hated the Least Today 210/365: Fonts Redux

More Mara-approved fonts
More Mara-approved fonts

After another night of fiddling with fonts—because that’s the most crucial part of a site, right?—I might have the winners. My current candidates to be deployed at my site (not this one, another one, and rest assured, even of less interest than this one) are two unbearably cute fonts. Cute like me. How professional (not).

I ditched my original idea of using web safe fonts—it’s not like it’s necessary anyway—and explored Google fonts. Not explored, researched is the word. As I said, I spent a whole night on it.  So, unless I change my mind (again), my choice for headings is the Karma font (I love-hate the name) and for paragraphs it’s Crimson Text (reminds me of Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, which is ridiculous, as the letter was scarlet, not crimson).

This WordPress-hosted site doesn’t seem very happy with me trying to implement other fonts than those offered in the Customiser—I suspect I can’t even do that and I’m not going to try harder because what’s the point (not much or nothing)—so if you’re a fellow font fanatic, follow this link to check out Mara-approved Google fonts.

23 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 210/365: Fonts Redux

  1. Those two are really nice! LIKE 🙂

    That was the one thing, that really pissed me off, when I signed up for ‘premium’ or whatever it’s called, WordPress; the choice of fonts. Plus the fact that there are fonts listed as ‘headline fonts’ and I can’t use them for regular text. Arvo, for example.

    For me, this comes and goes in cycles … when I can spend one whole night on this kind of stuff. I just got out of one cycle, when I’d finished editing the Sapor theme 🙂


    1. Yep, the fact that you can’t choose some of the fonts on WP for body and can only use them for headings has been a source of much general disappointment… I guess the idea is to prevent bloggers from using fonts that are not suitable for text body – too decorative, too hard to read – but then, one can make the blog impossible to read even without using the font. So many ways to mess up. Like setting an image as a background for the text… So at the end, it’s silly that one doesn’t have full control over the fonts. The choice of fonts is also rather limited in the first place. I guess it’s enough, but one wants more when you look at all those gorgeous Google fonts 😉

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      1. Yes, I guess that’s how they reasoned, but who are they to decide?! What are they … WordPress gods?! I pay for the damned stuff and it’s entirely up to me to mess up my own site LOL. I could choose an animated star-field, like many had in 1996.


        1. Haha, animated star-field, I remember those 😀 It’s horrible in retrospect, cringeworthy, but I understand the web designers of the time – they were probably so excited that they could do such thing that they couldn’t resist. I have the same problem. I’m so excited I can add backgrounds and borders and stuff that I need to exercise huge control not to overuse these decorations.


          1. I would have probably enjoyed doing that. Back at the time when things on the internet were simpler. I only recently found that before the invention of CSS in the mid-1990s, pages were styled individually – no external stylesheets, all styling was added to elements individually. Must have been a horror to do it all manually like this, but I’d have enjoyed that too. I’m clearly perverse 😮


          2. Aw, you did that! I imagine you didn’t think it too enjoyable. It’s not that you’re ancient, it’s rather that I started so late.


    1. I think my vital signs are weak but still there. Been dealing with some health issues recently and with overwork, just as most people these days, hence my blogging hiatus. Hopefully I’ll be back at some point, I miss the connection with the community of fellow bloggers! Meanwhile, do take care and enjoy the rest of your summer break 🙂

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      1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear! :/
        You’re too young for serious health issues. I hope you get well soon and can get some time off to come back blogging.
        You’re being badly missed. 😉


        1. Haha, that’s what the docs say – that I’m too young to have any health issues. It’s not like I’m inventing it. Medical care sucks here. Anyway. It’s all the more pleasure to pop in at least once in a (long) while and don’t lose touch completely.


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