Changing Seasons 7/12

Changing Seasons 7/12

In response to Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons challenge.

I hardly go out these days for various boring reasons. I however did go to a cemetery — to see what my next stop will be and to pay a social visit to deceased relatives. I figure a graveyard is as good a place as any to record changing seasons, hence graveyard photos follow below.

To balance it out with something less morbid, there are sunrises, sunsets, clouds and rain as observed from my flat. For the next month’s instalment of this challenge, I challenge myself to present a set of photos all taken without me setting foot out of the flat.

15 thoughts on “Changing Seasons 7/12

  1. Lovely pictures! There is something about your country which is striking. The architecture itself is so beautiful,impressive and distinctive. I mean, you can tell it’s the Czech Republic! On the other hand, I don’t know if it’s the same for countries like the Romania, Poland, etc. Even in England sometimes you can wonder where you are (I mean, some places could easily have been from France, or I don’t know where.)
    I also love the cemeteries. I wish those in my country would be as neat…..


    1. I find your fascination with my country fascinating – and flattering, of course! I think the Czech Republic has almost the same character as Slovakia or, say, Poland, and a very similar character to other eastern European countries. Of course, some things are unique.

      I’m surprised to hear that England doesn’t feel so unique to you. I’ve only been to London, not other parts of England, and I found London disappointingly undistinctive. An international, multicultural city just like any other city. I guess my expectations were too high, hence my disappointment!

      The local cemetery is particularly well kept. It’s not the case everywhere, so I perversely enjoy going there and always take my camera with me. I’m glad you didn’t find the photos too morbid.


      1. Me? I love cemeteries 🙂

        Maybe that makes me a bit odd, but I’ve discovered through the power of blogging, that I’m not alone in my fascination with cemeteries 🙂


  2. SOme cemeteries are beautiful. We have one nearby which is like visiting a beautiful kept garden it is so full of flowers, roses and immaculately kept grounds. Very peaceful and soothing.


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