What I Hated the Least Today 200/365: An Apple Device

What I Hated the Least Today 200/365: An Apple Device

Apple thingy
Apple thingy

A most unnatural thing has happened. I now own an Apple device. I came into possession of it by the most unnatural means too. A colleague won it, had it lying around for a while and then gave it to me, seeing that I could make a sensible use of it for website testing. Installing the Safari browser on Windows isn’t entirely the same as being able to check how a site displays on an actual Apple.

My feelings about my iPad mini 4 are wildly mixed. My ownership of it is disputable to start with. I wouldn’t be surprised if the donor wanted the device back so as to sell it instead. I also shouldn’t own the device at all, as it’s above my class. I don’t particularly like getting a taste of something that I won’t be buying—like trying on clothes you can’t afford, which is a self-flagellating device that some people apparently enjoy.

When I switched the thingy on, I was thrilled by the quality of the display. I was also thrilled by how fast it runs. That’s a lot of thrills going on, considering I’m hardly ever excited, not to mention thrilled. Fortunately, it manifested some kinks—searching on iTunes didn’t work properly in some instances—and I soon discovered that iTunes is a poorly stocked shop, when compared with what’s available for Android. Ultimately, I’m relieved that I don’t like the tablet without reservations, though I like it well enough.

So far I’ve used the iPad as a rather expensive mirror. The display displays so perfectly that I propped the thing with the camera on against the fridge so I could see myself when practising yoga. It was very subversive and very first-world of me, and I’m likely to do it again. One issue remains unresolved and I’m tired of Googling, so if you know, do tell me: what’s wrong with there being practically no antivirus for iOS? Does Apple think they do their thing so well that their devices don’t need an antivirus? What am I missing?

43 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 200/365: An Apple Device

  1. Look at the ‘App Store’ icon – that’s where all the apps are.

    iOS is a walled garden – everything has to be approved by Apple, be built with the Apple Developer Kit, and can only be downloaded from the App Store.

    That’s part of the reason there is no real (as in ‘search everywhere’) anti-virus app for iOS. Any anti-virus app would need access to the underlying system, which Apple does not allow.

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    1. Thank you for your explanations and tips! It helps. I’m probably still mildly confused about the difference between iTunes and App Store, if any, as it’s two different icons on the tablet and I can’t say if they bring me to the same place or not. It’s not too important though.

      Thank you for the info as to the lack of antivirus, it makes more sense now. I guess I can rest safe then! Apparently, using Apple requires a different thinking – well, perhaps they chose Think different as their slogan for a reason 😉


  2. Wow, congratulations!!! (I think). This is wonderful news. David explained everything so well … the things I was going to reply to. Have you made up an Apple-ID? In order to download any app, you’d have to have an Apple-ID.

    Is it really yours now, or do you honestly think the donor could take it back?

    Isn’t the Retina display heavenly! It’s really hard to go back to something else, once you’ve experienced it. Today, my little MacBook … Poppy … turns one year old.

    If there’s anything you’re wondering about, please ask … I remember so well when I got my first Apple device, and how fortunate I was to have great support from a fellow blogger 😉

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    1. Thank you!! (I think 😉 ). David’s comment was wonderfully helpful. I did set up an Apple ID the first thing and I successfully downloaded my Office by Microsoft apps on the tablet. I was pleasantly surprised that there’s a Mac version for them.

      I still struggle a bit with the app store. It doesn’t seem to have even what I’d consider the basic apps – like Whatsapp. There are some variants of Whatsapp, but they aren’t satisfactory. I was also trying to get hold of Gboard, or any other free app for swipe-typing really, but apparently Gboard is only available in the US mutation of the apple store, which I can’t use due to regional restrictions. So app-wise it’s disappointing. It’s good to know though – at least I know I probably wouldn’t like an iPhone as it wouldn’t allow me to download some apps I’m used to using – like one for local public transport, which is of course unlikely to ever make it in the official store.

      The display is wonderful, though, that much I freely admit 🙂 I’m not sure now but I think you mentioned that you find Android difficult to use – I find iOS much easier to use than Android too, though of course I’m well versed in Android now. I remember I did struggled with my Android tablet when I first got it, there was no such struggle with the Apple tablet.


      1. I ‘belong’ to the Canadian AppStore, and it has happened that some app has been US only. I have WhatsApp, but nobody else I know, so I’ve never used it.

        My transit app is called NextBus. Terrific!

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        1. NextBus sounds much nicer than IDOS. The latter is an abbreviation meaning basically that it’s public transport. I use Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram, almost everyone whose mobile number I have uses at least one of these. I hardly ever send regular texts, except to my mother, who has a dumb phone.


          1. I’ve had them all. I don’t have any people LOL. There’s one called Signal also [Snowden approved]. When both people have Apple devices, you have iMessage which is free … when the bubble gets blue, you know the other one has an Apple device.

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          2. I haven’t entirely explored all the options of my new Apple device, but I have noticed there are some iMessages. I don’t think I even know anyone who has an Apple, so I probably won’t bother exploring this option. What I did explore was Siri, it’s awesome that unlike the Windows’s Cortana, she does understand my accent fine, but she (Siri) hates me and refuses to assist me. She’s quite rude in her answers. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny, but I don’t get that. I wonder if by selecting Siri’s voice as British, I got it bundled with British humour, which I never quite understood.


          3. I have Siri set to British too, and I love the humour. I’ve asked really stupid questions, for fun, whether she likes albatrosses, and stuff like that.

            When you happen to have the Apple-ID email address of someone in your list, you’ll notice how the name is in blue font, when you bring up Messages.


          4. I asked Siri some useful questions, to no avail, then I tried stupid ones – like, “Tell me a joke” (she plainly refused) or “Why do you hate me” (she denied it, but I know better).


          5. If I ask “normal” questions … she answers. She does what I tell her to do, like “open Notes” and stuff like that. I’ve asked “Where am I?”, and she tells me …


          6. Ok, it took multiple attempts to get Siri understand me, but she did tell me where I was. (Not entirely correctly, but close enough.) Well, a fun function, it might come in handy when my memory deteriorates.


  3. Great gift, welcome to Apple. The display is fantastic. Another reason among many why I despise Windows machines in any form. You will get hooked. It’s worth the extra money for the quality. My mobile devices, an iPhone and iPad Air have no antivirus apps. Not needed. My MacBook Air has one I put on it but it’s not really necessary. Some of the iPad’s have built in link so you can use without Wifi. Enjoy!!❤️

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    1. It’s intriguing to me that you don’t need an antivirus for Apples. It contradicts my instincts, formed by Windows and Android. Your comments and advice are helping me to figure it out, so thank you! I doubt I’ll ever be an Apple user, but the tablet is definitely an interesting excursion into a different world, and I was very lucky to get it!


  4. I’ve had Apple computers and phones, Windows computers and phones and Android phones and I can 100% say that if only had Apple everything I would be a very happy girl. I hate android in particular. So many swipes and clicks and movements to do what you can do with one little tap on iOS. Ok enough of that.
    iTunes is just for media. The App Store is for….well…Apps 😉 I have WhatsApp on my iPhone – maybe you have it set to only look for iPad apps? You can select to see iPhone apps as well, they usually work just as well.


    1. Thanks for your great comment! It’s good to see a response from someone who knows both Apple and Microsoft, and Android. I have the very same impression – Android isn’t straightforward to use.

      I got the iTunes versus the App Store difference now, I was mildly disoriented owing to the fact that browsing in iOS was a bit different than what I’m used to. Not greatly different, but move a few icons and make them look different and I’m lost 😮

      Thanks again for the tips, I’ll check that out!

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  5. If this were an old chintzy sit-com, I would exclaim- “I don’t even KNOW you anymore, maaaaan, you’re one of THOSE people now!” I have been told that life, supposedly, is not an old chintzy sit-com, though, so I’ll refrain.

    “So far I’ve used the iPad as a rather expensive mirror.”

    I cannot stop snorting.

    P.S. My ‘friend” who is very often nearly homeless, has one of these devices. He bought it with student loans. He drops it frequently and often has to replace the keyboard, but he adores the blighted thing, drags it around with him all over the place, and endorses it heavily to me whenever he poisons me with his presence. I am not crawling in iPad donors, at the moment, though, and certainly have no means of procuring the thing other than by theft, so, it seems I shall remain deprived. Although, setting up and executing a heist pilfering expensive kit from milksoppy hipsters DOES appeal to me and sounds like a rather nice way to spend an afternoon.

    Excellent read, as always.



    1. Please rest assured that there is no reason to worry. I sort of own an Apple but I don’t feel like it’s real and so far it’s been making me rather uncomfortable. I think I’d prefer selling it and paying the rent. It might come down to this eventually.

      Your homeless friend is priceless. That I call brand loyalty!

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  6. As a lover of all things appleish I have to say I love how everything works, my thingys are fast and reliable and we are the best of mates…if you get into thingys apple you’ll never look back…at least that is what I think….

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  7. Steve Jobs: You will never ever catch a virus on an Apple
    Bill Gates: Well you can still afford a doctor if you bought a PC.
    (It’s on epic rap battle on youtube)

    I don’t like how there are varying versions of Android on tablets, mobiles and other stuffs. For instance, at home, all three of us use Android, yet all three versions are different. Some versions can look pretty ”cheap”. The good thing though is if you don’t wish to spend much, you can get an Android phone (and even a table, I guess) for quite cheap. I guess you have to buy their very best phones (HTC 10 or S7) to get the very best software.

    Apple things are pretty awesome,aesthetically speaking. My flatmates had the latest iPhones and you can feel they’re different phones.That being said, I’m pretty sure the flagship phones of Samsung and HTC can rival the iPhones. For tablets and laptops, I think Apple out-rivals the others with the retina display, the longer battery life and the weight only.

    I just don’t understand how so many people have bought into the idea that an overpriced Apple product is necessary. At my university students who’re usually broke have macs!
    Consumerism has blurred their priorities.

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    1. Hahaha, I never heard that Gates versus Jobs meme and I adore it! So true. I don’t know any people who have Apple devices without being able to afford them, but I know that such people exist. Well, different priorities, I guess. Not my case. I had the great chance to try out the iPad, see that it’s not what I want and get a complete peace of mind in knowing that I wouldn’t like more Apple devices even if I could buy any. They surely have many advantages, but the price is excessive. I hear the latest Samsungs are good, but I’ve had two Samsung devices, none of them any good. I guess the problem is the software more than the hardware. As my old laptop broke down completely, I had to get a new one – it’s Lenovo running Windows and I don’t have the slightest complaints. Not that I love Windows but it’s the best I can get, and so far the laptop has been serving me great.

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  8. I also have an Apple device. Two actually. First I got an Iphone from my boss and a couple of weeks ago I bought an Ipad Air – which I am now using to write this comment. I got a keyboard for it as well, so I don´t have to type on the screen.
    The Ipad air was great for the 17 hours train ride I took with my son. I´d downloaded 12-14 cartoons for my son, but he kept on seeing the same one over and over again like a typical 3 year old kid.


    1. Your son is just three? Hm. I imagined he was older, seeing the tricks he can already do on your Instagram. A clever kid.

      So you got your iPad after all 🙂 It’s a good thing to have for travelling. Though I think I’ll keep on travelling with my more modest Android tablet, as I think flashing an Apple might drastically increase the risk of getting mugged.

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