What I Hated the Least Today 195/365: Blank

What I Hated the Least Today 195/365: Blank

My mind is a blank document
My mind is a blank document

The other day we were talking with a fellow postaday project runner, Rebekah, about how it’s getting increasingly difficult to think about what to blog about. I don’t mean to think about something worth blogging about, I mean about anything to blog about. On which Rebekah admitted that her mind was blank that day. On which I had a free association with the HTML attribute target="_blank". On which we pursued a discussion of what target="_top" does.

I was explaining my understanding of this in two convoluted paragraphs, while Rebekah summed it up in one sentence. I don’t understand how I can be a teacher. I’m presumably as miserable a teacher as I’m a coder. We however reached an agreement that basic HTML deserves some love too. Like the ugly child (the ugly cat, in my case, because I object against children in general). Now, I think I could combine my two absent skills and teach you code. Hilarious, right?

To sum it up, for my own sake rather than anyone else’s (I’m hoping I’ll remember it forever/longer if I blog about it), target is an attribute of the <a> element. The default value is target="_self", which opens a link in the same window. The aforementioned target="_blank" opens a link in a new window/tab. So far, obvious. But, target="_parent" opens a link in the parent frame. And target="_top" breaks out of a frame when a page is locked in one. Hm.

I probably get it, unless I don’t. I wish I could experiment with frames more, but WordPress apparently doesn’t allow <iframe>. There’s less fun in experimenting when you can’t impose your experiment on your followers (and consequently unfollowers). Ha. At least I’ve progressed insofar that I know the difference between a HTML attribute and CSS property and hopefully use the terms correctly, along with elementvalue and other element-ary things I should’ve known earlier.

14 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 195/365: Blank

        1. Yep. Flow chart. I never made a flow chart because my education is in the humanities. We don’t do data really. Time to do flow charts and get some data flowing.


          1. According to Wikipedia (so it must be true) “Humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture”
            I suspect that the last two words create an oxymoron 😀


  1. Heh! It’s just as blank this morning! I have no idea … I think this heat is affecting me. Before I got down to your last paragraph, I was wondering about whether you’d tried that in WordPress, because they don’t allow iframe, but then I saw it.

    Everything seems to go in cycles with me. Right now, it’s not the HTML/CSS cycle, it’s the handwriting. Knowing myself pretty well, I know the former will be back soon. One strange thing, that I haven’t experienced before though: When I got finished editing the Sapor theme (that I’m “wearing” now), I felt good. Meaning … I felt fully satisfied with everything, and had no urge to go on fixing little things. I’ve never felt satisfied with any theme before, not like now.

    Well, there is one thing, though: I would like to do so that the various post formats appeared in different colours, but that can’t be done in the .com version. You need access to the .php stuff.

    For example; let’s say I use the “quote” format. I would like to have a background image then, like in theme Libretto. Or the aside format in theme Twenty Twelve.


    1. A handwriting cycle sounds like a good break from the coding cycle, for a change! It’s also great that you’re happy with your theme. That’s a little thing that is not little at all. I was so thrilled when a new theme appeared last week – but then the theme turned out to be quite bland, looking about the same as a bunch of other business themes. I see what you mean by different styles for different post formats. That would look really neat! But for blogging purposes, I think it’s better to be on .com rather than .org, even when it limits you in the things you can do.


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