What I Hated the Least Today 152/365: Card

What I Hated the Least Today 152/365: Card

Not my card
Not my card

The picture above shows not my card but a mock card whose middle strip slides out and lo, it’s a USB drive. I never used it because I would feel like an idiot, inserting a card into a PC (and perhaps expecting an electronic payment will take place).

My actual renewed card arrived by post today. In an unregistered, uninsured envelope. My bank makes no fuss. I appreciated that I didn’t have to confront the permanently aggressive-aggressive (that’s an upgrade of passive-aggressive) postman to get my card. The card requires authorised activation before it can be used anyway, so I assume the bank assumes it safe enough.

I always get mildly confused when I get an unmarked letter from Poland (it’s unmarked possibly for the sake of discretion, you know, like the package when you order sex toys online, which I never did, hence I have no idea what I’m talking about). Poland is the headquarters of my bank company. Their letters are in Czech, so are the services offered, but correspondence is dispatched from Poland for the sake of general confusion.

I activated my card (during the process of which I decided I absolutely hate its design, which involves a dolphin—why?) and tested whether it works alright. It does. And that’s how it happened that I ordered a new pair of shoes and paid online on checkout. (It wasn’t really that random, but poetic licence.)

20 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 152/365: Card

    1. Thank you for indulging me! I thought it would be boring and lengthy to detail the carefully wrought reasons for which I ordered the shoes – so poetic licence it is instead 🙂


  1. Well I hope the shoes fit beautifully. I did buy shoes once and they were a size smaller than what I wanted, all very disappointing actually. But I’m glad for you that you have this as I am sure you’ll be on the computer buying stuff to satisfy the need you have for buying stuff, if you have one that is. I find I am drawn to sales and buy stuff and then later look in my wardrobe to discover things I obviously bought at some stage but forgot all about. Have a good day, hope the ‘holiday’ is going along well for you.


    1. I’ll blog about my new shoes if they fit when they arrive, since I’m constantly on the lookout for new boring stuff to blog about 😉 I’m known for making spreadsheets where to record my research before I buy anything, so it wasn’t as much of an impulse buy as my post suggests 😉

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  2. I’ve never seen that type of card, where you can stick it into your computer. Don’t think they’ve come here yet. So … is it the chip that goes into the slot for the USB? Is the card thicker than regular plastic cards?

    Our new cards arrive the same way, and then you have to activate them. From what I can recall, only one card company sent some code in a separate envelope and even on a separate day.

    Shoes would be difficult to buy online, unless it was the same brand I keep buying all the time — I know they fit. Don’t think I could buy a handbag online either, because I really want to touch and feel the leather.


    1. I don’t think there is actually a card that you stick in your computer to pay with it – the card in the photo is just a memory stick 😉

      I’m calmer now that I hear that it’s common for banks to mail cards in this way – I was wondering if that was some Polish speciality 😮

      I only ordered the shoes because they are of a Mara-approved brand 😉 Two thirds of my shoes are of this brand, so it’s likely that they’ll fit and look fine – if not, I can always return them.

      Handbags are impossible to order online though – how am I supposed to imagine the size and the feel of the whole thing? All my handbags must fit an A4 file folder so I could wear them for work. I’m particular about bags, as about everything…


      1. I was half asleep this morning, when I read that 🙂 There’s a thing, however, that small businesses (or anyone, for that matter), can plug in to their phones, and then you can swipe your credit card through it and make payments. Great idea, it seems, at first, but they charge the owner a certain percentage of the payment. Square, I think it was called.

        I’m particular about everything, but handbags are on top of that list. They have to be just so.

        Shoes of Earth Spirit brand are Tassitus approved LOL


        1. I think I know what you mean, heard of that somewhere but never saw it in action or felt the need to get it. You got charged for paying with card here at some places – sometimes it’s a flat amount, sometimes it’s a percentage from the amount paid. The latter was the case when I was buying my phone – I paid quite a substantial amount extra for paying with a card. I was too lazy to go to the nearest ATM, which wasn’t near at all, an return with cash.

          I checked Earth Spirit and it looks both comfy and cute. Sadly, not much choice here, just an isolated model here and there. I’ll remember it though. Knowing that you don’t settle for just anything, I know I can put whatever you recommend on my safe list 😉


          1. Here it is … it looks really neat: https://squareup.com/ca/reader
            The only place here, I EVER have to use cash is at my barber’s. I suggested this Square thing to him, and then he told me how much he’d lose on each transaction.
            My feet are weird, always had a hard time finding comfortable shoes, so I’m glad I found these 🙂


          2. Oh that looks nice! What we have here – and what doesn’t seem to be the standard everywhere – are contactless cards. You just place your card against the device (which also works for normal cards which have to be inserted in the machine) and that’s it. It doesn’t ask for PIN for small transactions even.


          3. We have them too, and I’ve often been thinking about the security of that system (or lack thereof). Hell, if you lose your card, even if it’s only for small transactions …


          4. I know, right, it’s not particularly safe. But then, I’m extremely careful, whether I have a contacless card or not. I’m obsessively careful even…


          5. I have this wallet style case for the phone, and in there are four slots for cards. I keep it there, because there’s nothing I’m more careful about than my iPhone.


          6. I’d like to wear my phone and my wallet on a piece of string around my neck, that would make me feel safe, except I’d look like an idiot and I’d strangle myself with the sheer weight of it.


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