What I Hated the Least Today 150/365: Lifestyle

What I Hated the Least Today 150/365: Lifestyle

Annoyingly showy lifestyles
Annoying lifestyles

I’m scared of people who take a perfectly normal thing, like eating or exercising, and turn it into a whole lifestyle, so making it somewhat abnormal. The trouble is that people with a conscious lifestyle (orthodox yogis, vegetarians, non-gluten eaters, you name it) tend to spread their enlightenment like crusaders.

I found myself very uplifted when I came across a YouTube channel of a slightly creepy but likeable guy who pokes fun at conscious lifestyle leaders. While it’s difficult to say to what extent it’s a marketing pose, it can’t be denied that the man possesses the rare qualities of common sense and sense of humour.

Below is the first video I saw (I think it’s all over the internet now), which is somewhat lengthy for my taste but you don’t need to watch for more than a few seconds to see how he nails it.

My special favourite is his yoga video, which is hilarious and which also gives him away as a yoga practitioner (if he didn’t do yoga, I doubt he’d be able to strike the poses, plus check out his figure). It begins: The three most important things in my life are: God, my family and my Instagram account. Said with a deadpan face. Gotta love this.

16 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 150/365: Lifestyle

  1. I came across a blogger once whom I thought was trying to help me be a better blogger and writer but was in fact trying to get me to engage with a business she was promoting……needless to say I stepped neatly away from her hard sell….one day I must try yoga……but my body is nothing like the guy on the video……so no photos on my blog I can tell you…


    1. That’s a really unpleasant experience. I don’t like business bloggers who go around promoting their business. I get it, but I still don’t like it.

      Well, do try yoga if you feel inclined to do so, but don’t force yourself. It can get addictive, which is perhaps not what you want. Still, I can assure you that zero skill is needed to start with yoga – I started with primitive postures and movements and certainly didn’t feel like I needed to stand on my head, literally, to do yoga.

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  2. Great way to start the day … with a big smile!

    You nailed it here. When people choose to make changes to their eating habits (or whatever), they might as well keep it to themselves.

    If you suffer from celiac disease, that’s a whole different story, and I won’t even go there. The gluten free hype that’s on now, is a strange, commercial occurrence, and I glutton for gluten 🙂

    There’s a lot of commercialism behind all this stuff. In every other ad, these days, you hear “… it will fit right in your busy lifestyle!” It sounds like having a busy lifestyle is a good thing, and makes you feeling guilty if you haven’t.


    1. I’m glad you found the video funny as much I did. It seems to be quite popular, which is somewhat surprising to me, given that it’s critical (though in a funny way). The guy also has a video about religion, which wasn’t that amusing, but which puzzled me a lot – I think it was quite daring of him. I’d be almost curious to know what is actual views are.

      Yes, there’s commercialism behind pretty much everything. The “healthy” food is morbidly expensive. And it seems to taste worse than “normal” food.

      “Busy lifestyle” is such a popular catchphrase! It’s a cliché which means nothing to me.


      1. Religion is always a touchy subject, and I think even moreso here, than where I come from. This Seinfeld show I talked about — they were actually able to joke about religion in a way so that it didn’t offend anyone. Quite the achievement.

        If people just moved around more, they could eat more stuff that they like. One pizza is the equivalent of being out in the woods, cutting trees a full day LOL. A real logger could probably have two pizzas when the day is done 🙂


        1. I watched some bits and pieces from Seinfeld on YouTube and I wish I could get hold of the whole show, I quite liked what I saw. I loved the short chubby guy with spectacles and a receding hairline, I don’t know even why.

          I always get amused by smart tips on exercising more by incorporating exercise into your daily routine – like walking to work or riding a bike. Nothing feels so good as arriving to work sweaty and spending the whole day in the clothes. It works best with office girls (or teachers, like me) who can get an awesome workout on the way to work in their heels and smart clothes, ruining their hair and make-up as they go.


          1. George Costanza. I don’t know whether it would be possible to watch from episode one on YouTube. There seems to be clips everywhere, but I don’t know about the full episodes. I’ve watched them all. I felt as if I knew them all … as if it was a group of friends I would have liked to be part of. I think most people felt the same way.

            I remember times when my car had broken down, and I couldn’t afford to fix it right away. Had to bike to work, and how I hated just that; the sweaty clothes for a full day. Bleh!


          2. That’s the bother – there are clips from episodes on YouTube, but you can’t really watch from the beginning to the end of the series. There is something about it that draws you in though! The characters seem quite real… Losers just like us 😉 I’ll see if I can get hold of the whole series somewhere.


          3. Yes, exactly — that’s why I can relate so much to them 😊. Here, on the TV we have some kind of ‘on demand’ thing, so I could watch the whole series all over again, if I wanted to. But now I’ve seen it so many times, I could be the understudy, and fill in the lines for them. 😊

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  3. my favorite line from the video where he makes fun of yogis on Instagram is something like, “this waterfall/sunset/nature is nice but it would look better with me doing a pose in front of it.”


  4. I laughed out loud just reading the title of this blog post, and you’re totally right about people aggressively touting their “enlightened” lifestyles. And this video was just hilarious, spot on.


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