9 thoughts on “364/365

    1. You’re right!! I hardly noticed. I got used to the routine of snapping a picture a day so much that I stopped thinking about it and didn’t really realise it was coming to an end!


    1. There will be no great finale, there will be rubbish. I took a snap of a junk shop window. I deem it to be the perfect conclusion to my project of collecting a rubbish snap a day and persisting in this useless activity for a year.


  1. A “Rubbish snap”, Mara?
    I see last fall’s Maple keys and new life after winter.
    I see Birch catkins, pine needles, a spent forsythia bloom and Anemone canadensis
    I see quartzes, granite and fossil-filled limestone…

    You’ve an eye for light and composition – taken Nature’s off-casts and shown it as something beautiful – couldn’t do “rubbish” if you tried… (Sorry if this offends, lol!; )


      1. You’re welcome! And PHEW!!
        Honestly, I wasn’t sure how you’d receive it: ) To me, this is a photo of the beauty right under our feet… What most people would simply rush past and not give a passing glance… Thank you: )


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