7 thoughts on “363/365

  1. I thought initially this was a piece of a mosaic until I saw the EYE…..then it had another dimension and became MOST interesting….


      1. Can I use it in my TW?
        It’s such a fascinating shot…..
        Photography is a little like writing in that some times we see things the author didn’t know was there. In writing it has to do with the context of the reader, in photography it could be as much as good eye sight. My son is an artist who works with pattern and recently did a piece in which I could see a face. He denies it’s there but it’s been an interesting discussion.


        1. Absolutely! I’ll be flattered to be able to contribute to something sensible with my picture 😉 As a literature person, I know a thing or two about seeing things that the author of a work has no idea are there (and maybe are not there, but we interpret them into the piece).

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          1. Thank you I’m thinking my next fairy tale prompt will benefit from that photo….ill Let you know when they will be used.


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