4 thoughts on “353/365

    1. I know! I’m already feeling nostalgic about my 365 and thinking about what to do next… I’ll see if I do the leap year extra picture, probably only if I manage to come up with something nice.

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      1. I’ve already decided on what I will do after my 365 is over. It’s not photo related. It’s a research project. The subject is kinda “juicy”, and at this point, I’ve not narrowed down a focus. There’s a million ways it could go. I’m just going explore and choose the road that excites me most. It may (or may not) have its own blog someday. Hint… it’s about feminine energy vs. masculine energy with regards to everything (especially sex), and how it’s important for us women/me to get back in touch with our/my feminine energy in this masculine dominated world.


        1. Wow!! Seriously. I rarely get excited but now I am in a state of excited anticipation of how your new project will evolve. It’s a topic that I believe can appeal to a large audience, I myself find it extremely interesting. It’s something I would enjoy learning more about, and even better so when guided by a future expert on the topic, who will do the research for me and then present the results 🙂 All the best with your next steps!

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