What I Hated the Least Today 103/365: All Made Up

103 (1)
The stash

To paraphrase the statement of the most interesting man in the world, I don’t always blog about make-up, but when I do… Wait. I don’t actually know what I do when I blog about make-up because I believe it’s my first time. This is how it happened.

It’s a poor luck that on my way to work, I pass the chemist’s. It’s even worse luck that on my way to work, I have time to spare when my bus arrives on time. My spare time doesn’t spare my wallet because I’ve become inexplicably attracted to the chemist’s make-up shelves.

I consider it essential to be presentable when working among people. (I teach young adults, so the question arises whether or not my students are people, since they do not usually behave people-like, but let’s leave this dilemma aside for the purpose of this post.) Being presentable entails putting war paint on my face, which is otherwise naturally discoloured and vaguely discomforting to look at.

I tend to avoid scrupulously spending too much, and I also tend to try hard to use whatever I happen to have at home – including expired poor-quality decorative cosmetics. (That is, I imagine it has expired, provided that I’ve had the items for five to ten years, but it’s hard to say because any expiry dates, if present, have been obliterated from the containers.) Since my earnings aren’t currently enough to pay the rent, the logical choice is to spend them on something else. Such as fresh war paint.

I’ve amassed what is by my standards a huge stash of decorative cosmetics. I now own not two or three but ten (!) bottles of nail polish – about five of them recently purchased, the rest is old and possibly no more useable, but I’m not throwing anything out unless I give it a try to make sure. I also have not one but two unexpired lipsticks and two fresh lip glosses. The most shocking fact is my simultaneous possession of two blushes. (A few days ago I buried in the bin my first ever blush that was clearly inexhaustible because it lasted me about fifteen years and still wasn’t empty when I binned it.)

Now I managed to horrify myself by writing it down and actually realising what I’ve been putting on my face. In keeping with my midlife crisis though, I’ve made myself all set up make-up wise and have started to use only the new fancy things to paint a face on my face. I suffer from a severe case of brand loyalty, so all I buy is Maybelline. As pictured in the snap above, I got me, among other things, the very elaborate Diamond Glow eyeshadows and Cat Eyes mascara (because it has a cat in its name).

Well, based on personal experience, I can confirm that there is a difference between using ten-year-old make-up and new make-up. A colossal difference, actually. I put the eyeshadows on, rather inexpertly, and some ten hours later, they looked exactly the same as when I applied them in the morning. I was so stunned that I didn’t even want to remove them for the night. I didn’t pay much attention to the marketing name – Diamond Glow – so it was for me to find out that the thing makes my eyes glow in a rather lovely manner. The Cat Eyes mascara didn’t add cats to my eyes, which is pitiful, it nonetheless looked just as perfect in the evening as in the morning. The point being, I guess, don’t use old make-up.

103 (2)
Glowing eyeshadows and kitty mascara

39 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 103/365: All Made Up

  1. that fella is still selling Dos Equis here but apparently the commercials are being retired this year. That beer is awful… love those eyes ❤️


    1. The commercial is still around? That must have gotten extremely old and annoying and not at all funny. I never even noticed what the commercial sells, I tend not to. Also, my sincere admiration for you for reading a cosmetics post 😉

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  2. Pretty eyes. I rarely wear make up, maybe once every couple of years other than lipstick if I go out somewhere with the husband but sans kids – so hardly ever. I never grew out of being a tomboy scruff and, having never experimented with cosmetics as a youngster, I have no clue how to apply anything nicely. My sisters once convinced me to wear a full face of make up and I looked like a budget drag queen. I’m destined to always be a tomboy scruff. Old dogs and all that.


          1. Good to hear that you like The Vikings, I was wondering what people about whose ancestors the series is would make out of it. I’m a huge Vikings fan!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! While I was never a proper tomboy, I didn’t wear make-up while I studied – I had the studying to focus on – but since I started teaching, I’ve grown in the habit of making myself presentable for class. I’m no pro either, so I hope I don’t look like a budget drag queen…

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  3. You’ve just reminded me I need to go through my antique stock of make-up, some of it, I’m sure, much older than your 15 years 😦 Perhaps even invest in some new make-up seeing that it makes the whole experience so glowing. I too can then paint a proper face on my face !


    1. It’s funny, isn’t it – we buy cleansers and moistures and whatnots to take a good care of our face, and then we go on and put ancient make-up on it. Probably not a great idea. My experience with non-expired make-up is so great that, while it was hard to say goodbye, it threw out all the old stuff that I had. The difference in the final look and also the ease of application is so huge.

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  4. I, too, am very loyal to my brands, not only with regards to makeup. l’Oreal in my case. The only times I stray away from them is for lipstick. I’m constantly on the hunt for the exact right nuance or shade. I once found it (Helena Rubenstein) but it was discontinued. Lipsticks get old … even the taste gets weird. It’s difficult to look at lipsticks in fluorescent light. They never look the same in daylight. Hence, I have a number of them that really should go to the bin, but they were so expensive so I can’t bring myself to throw them out. The one I’m actually using right now is Clinique (10) and it’s very close to that Helena Rubenstein, which I’ve saved for reference.

    Do you use eyeliner?


    1. Ah, L’Oreal, I had a period when I used a lot of their cosmetics. Then I downgraded to Garnier and then to Nivea, which is a common European brand of average quality and price. I came to Maybelline because they had a nice looking lipstick once, which convinced me to start buying all their make-up things since then…

      Lipsticks do get old. I prefer lip gloss, but now I’ve come to use lipstick for colour and lip gloss on top of it for glamour 😉 (Now I talk like a make-up blogger, don’t I…) I had one or two old lipsticks because I used them so rarely, and they grew too hard and dry and didn’t smell nice. They didn’t smell nasty, but fresh make-up seems to have this pleasant powdery scent that I like.

      I only use eyeliner when I’m in a hurry – then it’s just eyeliner and mascara – but I can’t apply it properly so I look like the actors on The Vikings series. Very scary, that is. I’m thinking I’ll use this as a scare method to terrify my students into obedience. I’ll arrive with fierce black (dark brown, actually, but whatever) lines around my eyes. Preferably smudged.

      Overall, I was very lucky in my recent make-up purchase because despite the alarming lack of daylight in the shop, I managed to get all the colours right. It appears that as long as it’s soft, warm, light brownish colours, it works for me. I wish it didn’t take me thirty years to realise what my colours were.

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      1. Nivea! While I still was paddling around in my little Swedish pond, I didn’t reflect all that much on stuff. Took it for granted Nivea was a Swedish brand (!). Then I came here, and saw Nivea all over the place. I thought it was SO nice, that they’ve made it overseas! *ROFL* Other brands too … Knorr, for cooking … there I was REALLY convinced it was Swedish, because it’s a Swedish word. (Knorr means the curly part of a pig’s tail). Well … I was wrong.

        Eyeliner is difficult …


        1. Uh, I used to take it for granted that Nivea was a Czech brand because it’s so ubiquitous here! I wasn’t that surprised to find out it was German. Germans do some good stuff. The same goes for Knorr! We have competing brands of course, but I prefer Knorr when I fancy something instant. At least now I know that whenever I make me some Knorr, I’m eating pig’s tails 😉


          1. Yes, the Germans make some good stuff … cars, for example 😉

            The ‘knorr’ means the actual curl they have on their tails. There’s this myth that goes if the pig doesn’t have the curly tail, he isn’t happy!


  5. Well hello I had to go and hunt through my reader to find something you disliked least as I find them most entertaining….I have had a sheltered life could be the reason Mara…..anyway as a non wearer of makeup, though as I age I feel I need all the help I can get, I do understand the need to hold on to things should they still have some usefulness……like I have a t-shirt from 1977 I refuse to give up as it holds sentimental value…..I wont wear it but I wont throw it away either……I know that has nothing to do with make up but its what came to mind as I read your dulcet words……


    1. Thank you for reading my more than usual boring make-up post. I wonder if it perhaps inspired you to trying drag 😉 (I’m joking, of course.) I don’t keep things of sentimental value, that I managed to unlearn in the process of moving houses several times; but I do keep things that I paid for and hardly used because I still hope that I’ll make my money spent on them count and come up with some usage for them. Sadly, there is no usage for expired make-up, as I learned.

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          1. Well I can see we are such a bad influence…..didn’t your mother tell you to beware of men who may lead you astray or even into the intray….lol


  6. I’m pretty sure all of my make-up is expired now. It seems like every time I have an occasion to wear it, I need to buy all new stuff. Cosmetic companies really should start selling “single serving” sizes for people like me. That said, I’m a nail polish hoarder! I’m not brand loyal. If I see a colour I don’t have, I’ll buy it. I don’t care who makes it. 🙂


    1. I know what you mean! Why do they make lipsticks so huge that it would suffice for a women’s battalion? I think I’m on my way to become a fellow nail polish hoarder. There are too many colours and shades I need to try…

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