What I Hated the Least Today 98/365: Crazy Cat

Prometheus (Cateus) bound

As if it were not bad enough that I’m cat crazy, I’ve recently ascertained that my cat is crazy. She gave herself away one sunny, frisky morning when she got stuck in the window blinds – again. This time, however, she took it to a whole new level by getting stuck with not one but two of her paws at once.

I’ve been trying to impress on my cat the knowledge that her claws are retractable and hence she doesn’t really need to get stuck in places. However, she stubbornly refuses to use her RETRACT function and prefers the SUMMON command instead. The summon command, naturally, summons the human to assist her as required.

Besides being a fan of bondage, the cat (who clearly doesn’t know that she is a carnivore) rejects meat. She must be a conscientious objector. Respecting her vegetarian choice, I rarely try giving her any meat – as she sniffs it, goes away and the portion gets thrown out untouched. She does enjoy eating anything that is not intended for consumption though.

Today I noticed her choking on something and jumped up to check on her. What she was choking on was a spider’s leg. She hunted down a rather huge spider, kicked the poor thing into a small ball and proceeded to devour it. I still haven’t decided if I’m more discomforted by the fact that there was a huge spider in my flat or by the fact that my self-proclaimed vegetarian cat ate the thing. She’s such an animal.

9 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 98/365: Crazy Cat

  1. How many times haven’t I tried to make him understand his claws are retractable! These situations always require assistance. He does eat fish and meat, but my previous cat, Murphy, enjoyed his lettuce (!)

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    1. Yep, the cat sometimes acts crazy. She’s fun 🙂 My cat is the awesome kind of cat who doesn’t scratch things. She uses her scratching board – cats need to scratch on something to attend to their nails – but she is miraculously uninterested in scratching other things. I think it’s pretty rare in a cat.


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