What I Hated the Least Today 89/365: College People

Disembodied head, crotch and wallet

Continuing in my leg post streak, here’s a photo of a curious arrangement I found in a shopping window. I’m not sure if the choice of bodily parts plus the purse mean something, and I don’t want to know. However, I think it’s a great fit to my psychedelic bus story below.

The thing about buses is that once you get on, you can’t get off. It’s not like the train when you can always throw yourself out of the window when your travel mates are particularly taxing. I spent an hour on the bus in the tragicomic company of what turned out to be college girl students. It’s been a few days now and I’m still praying to the god who isn’t that they may not be students whom I teach.

The college girls produced a bottle of wine the first thing and started to pass it around. As they didn’t offer me any, though I was squashed in a seat next to theirs, I immediately disliked them. To start with, it was funny to eavesdrop on their talk (I didn’t particularly mean to eavesdrop, but they were too noisy to block out even with my earphones on). Then it got me terribly depressed.

Because a person commuting for two hours a day has nothing sensible to do during the commute, I naturally spent the trip judging them (feel free to judge me). The poor things were trying to hard to act as though they were having fun, but I was positive they were faking it. It was more angsty than cheery. Ultimately, it turned out to be simply stupid.

One of the college girls was musing aloud on the metaphysical question as to whether her nylon tights will get dry overnight when she launders them in the evening. While I do not undervalue the essential importance of this problem, it was the trail of her thought that saddened me. (Also, I braced myself from saying anything, but yes, your tights will be dry overnight, provided you wring them out properly.)

For one thing, she would normally dry her nylon tights in a dryer. In which case she can just toss them out after wearing and buy a new pair each time. It’s like drying your cat in the dryer. Neither the cat nor the nylon will be any better for it. Another thing, she concluded her deliberations with a heartfelt exclamation, If only someone invented a combo washer dryer! I said nothing but was half-tempted to invite the girl over to my place and show her mine. I could probably convince her that I own the first functional prototype of the combo washer dryer. She’d be thrilled.

7 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 89/365: College People

  1. Ever since I read a post on FB, from a lady in my own circle, who judged some people she saw in the grocery store, using an iPhone while they paid with food stamps [welfare], I’ve promised myself not to be judgemental. That’s a very difficult promise to keep LOL!!! Especially when you read stuff like this. What’s wrong with people? Besides … did you get the impression they were on their way to school, and drinking wine?!

    I’ve had one of those combo type washer dryer too. Hardly ever used the dryer part after I got my first power bill.


    1. Well, I have had this feeling that I’m failing to reply to some comments I’m getting these days – I get an email notification of a new comment but then the comment doesn’t show up in the WordPress notification tab. I can’t even start to say how I hate it when I can’t rely on things working as they ought to. But – I remembered this comment of yours and found it at last 😀

      It’s so hard not to be judgy that I practically gave up. I judge as I please, though at least, out of basic decency, I mostly try to keep my judgements to myself and encourage others to judge me too to balance it out… I’ve been waiting for someone to come up with the perfectly relevant judgy comment on this post, telling me that I’m intellectually arrogant – because I am, right. But no one has been judgy enough so far. *sigh*

      If it’s any comfort, the students were drinking on their way home from school, which I totally get. I wouldn’t really blame them if they were drinking on their way to school either. I just felt that, particularly as college students, they should have more sense and their conversation should be perhaps more reasonable… In fact, the bulk of their talk was about them just having had their HIV test results come in and they were weirdly excited that the results were negative. WTF? It’s not like it’s the 80s and no one knows how to protect oneself from this kind of thing. It puzzles me when people behave unreasonably.


    1. Yes, it is quite enlightening to listen to people on public transport. You usually have no choice but to listen when you’re on a packed bus. This particular encounter left a deep impression on me – I toned my post down a lot, as the conversation the girls were having most of the time was rather inappropriate, to say the least.

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