7 thoughts on “336/365

    1. But drink first 😉 I admit I was totally going against the stats according to which my country is the world’s top consumer of beer per capita, and went not to this pub/restaurant but to a neighbouring coffee shop for iced coffee. I hope I won’t lose my citizenship over my dubious drink choices.


  1. Wow! This is so cool … Urquell! Budweiser, I think, is the most common beer here. Isn’t that also of Czech origin?!

    My country is on top of the list of coffee consumption per capita … together with Finland.


    1. This shot was for you, actually 😉 Our discussion about Pilsner Urquell sprang to my mind when I saw this restaurant/pub. Oh yes, I guess each other beer is of Czech origin, including Budweiser. Budweiser is very popular, though Pilsner is considered the best. I don’t care. I’m more into coffee than beer – I must be closeted Swedish / Finnish.


      1. I almost figured 🙂

        During my beer drinking days, I honestly can’t recall any of them really standing out. I only remember the one I couldn’t stand. Most of them tasted better in the bars/pubs than at home … that must be a psychological thing.


        1. I know what you mean! Why does everything taste better in the pub than at home? Maybe for the same reason why food someone cooks for you tastes better than what you cook yourself.


          1. I think so — it’s the atmosphere. I often chose a German beer; Kaltenberg, when I was out. Thought it was SO GOOD! Eventually, I bought s few bottles to have at home. It was … alright … nothing more. Just another beer.

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