What I Hated the Least Today 86/365: Time

Paper filth

I spent the night marking English tests. There was about a hundred left to go when I started, and I finished by six in the morning. It wasn’t due to my high working morale or my love for my work (both of which are nonexistent), but due to me being stubborn. I decided I would get rid of the filth before I go to sleep (so that I could spend the next day and night working on something cleaner).

When I say filth, I mean filth in all senses of the word. The materials inherited from the teacher I’m substituting are not only useless owing to their being thickly covered in illegible scribbling but are also disgustingly dirty. It’s a shame that the lady teacher hasn’t heard of foil wrapping yet. Where the hell was she during her first grade when foil wrapping of everything used in class was obligatory?

On the upside, the cat enjoys chewing the dog ears of the books and the heavily cracked CD case. I just hope she won’t get some English inflection (the cat, not the teacher).

As I was halfway through the night and the marking, I noticed with pleasure how much time had lapsed without me checking compulsively the clock in order to evaluate to what extent I’ve been hard-working so far. My pleasure was short-lived when I realised it was the night of the big time shift (not to be confused with tense shift). Actually, I must have been working like whole ten minutes when my computer stealthily changed the time and lo, suddenly it was seventy minutes later.

I distrust time. How can I trust something that is so easily manipulated? It’s not only the constant time shifts, twice a year, like it made a difference. It’s also, for example, that your age changes every year. How do you remember your current age when it’s such a subject to change? I’m seriously asking. Because I don’t remember it and no matter how hard I claim to be subverting the concept of time, it makes me look like an idiot. Every single time.

21 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 86/365: Time

  1. Time does that Mara. No matter how much we try it will always win…you see the problem is we are finite beings and time in an infinite thing….you know that concept that when someone close to us dies we feel as though our world has stopped but you look around and most people are oblivious to our grief our time feeling like its stopped, they are shopping, working, playing golf all those things going on when our world has paused. Hence the expression “life goes on”.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful and obviously correct comment. I see what you mean about the moments when you think that time should stop but it goes on as though nothing was the matter. But life goes on 😉

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  2. At least you got all the papers marked – and from the sounds of it, you did it fair and square. I too am on the fence with time. I am not a fan of time shifts when they come round, but at least my phone does it for me. As for age, I don’t even know…I even forget my birthday each year until someone reminds me 😀


    1. Awe, thank you so much for your comment! It’s a huge relief to find out that I’m not the only weird person who doesn’t remember how old she is. I spend my energy trying to remember more essential numbers, like my PIN, for example, yet people would always ask you how old you are. *sigh*

      I’m also glad the time change is over for this season. I don’t think there is any reason to move the clock to and fro these days when there are hardly any daylight saving benefits, given that most of us don’t work in the fields or in the factories anymore…


      1. Sometimes my finger hovers over the ATM keypad because I can’t exactly remember my PIN. And mind you, I haven’t even hit 30 yet 😀 It is nice when people remind you of your birthday – shows that they are thinking about you. But sometimes, you really don’t want too much attention.


        1. I don’t appreciate people remembering my birthday so much as I did before Facebook… Because Facebook tells them to wish me a happy birthday, of course.

          I can only type my PIN on one kind of keypad – I remember the movements I make, not the number really – so when I end up with a less than standard keypad, I’m hopelessly stuck. ATM keyboard should really be standardised for the sake of us with kinetic memory…

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    1. Hahaha, I know… I shouldn’t say it, but I’ve seen using the same PIN probably since my first credit card and I’ve changed all PINs requiring numbers to this one number I can actually – sort of – remember. That’s model behaviour of how it shouldn’t be done for security reasons…

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  3. Some companies don’t let you choose PIN. That’s evil. For certain cards I have to remember a different PIN.

    So … now Europe too is into “Summer Time” … things are back to even keel; five hours’ difference to my native land, which I always keep track of. Would be six hours’ difference to you.

    Time is such a huge subject, and you can get all philosophical about it. As long as we bear in mind it was invented by man … no problem! Just as the GMT meridian [which I’ve stepped on LOL]. Time is a measurement of change — it all happens at the same time: I go to sleep in CAN and you get up in CZE.


    1. That is evil, when you can’t choose your PIN!! I only remember one PIN, and I use it for everything.

      Stepping on the GMT meridian is the best thing to do to it! I’d love to see (and step on) it one day. Time clearly is a social construct, and one of the more complicated ones.

      Thank you for providing me with the perfect sentence to practise what they call “zero conditionals” with my students: “I go to sleep in CAN and you get up in CZE.” 😀 Classic example sentence. I need to impress my students by explaining to them that it’s a language structure that they are sure to use in real life. That is, in blogging life at least.


      1. MasterCard you can’t choose. Evil.

        LOL If you think of this planet as if you were looking at an orange, from outside … you see how we get up/go to bed … it’s all simultaneously *ROFL*

        At the same place as the GMT, was this famous, tall ship … Cutty Sark, I believe, but we never went there, just the meridian.


        1. The idea of looking at the planet as at an orange! Love it. I’m also bringing it a step further and I’m imagining a transparent orange. So that you could see everything at once. The clockwork orange, as the classic book says.

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          1. I’m not sure if Hackman was on the Clockwork Orange. I saw the film, which was mind-bending; but I read the book before that, and it was an exercise in linguistic virtuosity. It was particularly appealing to me because it mixes English and Russian. Russian is presented in the book as the language of the delinquents and the criminal underground. This I find curious – what has my part of the world done to be always portrayed as seedy and criminal in books and especially on TV?


          2. I think I mixed it up with “The French Connection”. Don’t ask me why LOL Now I’m not even sure I’ve seen it. I remember my brother liked it.

            Yeah, that IS curious, and partly it’s STILL that way …

            I’ll have to check out that book and see if I can muster up the energy to read it 🙂 It sounds really interesting now!


          3. I don’t recommend The Clockwork Orange if you’re not into dystopias 😉 For me, though, it’s my favourite reading, the bleaker, the better 😮


          4. I should read it, no matter what … so that I can say I’ve read it. I like bleak. If you ever get the chance; watch Wallander. It’s bleak, it’s Swedish. The latter is not why I liked it — I actually preferred the British version of it, with Kenneth Branagh.


          5. I’ve seen a few Scandinavian films, fewer than I’d like though. It’s absolutely my style – bleak, minimalist, often brutal. I put Wallander on my to-watch list, but TV series are harder to get at than films, so I don’t think I’m getting my hands at it anytime soon. Now I feel like watching something dark and Scandinavian though. Will need to find me something.

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