What I Hated the Least Today 64/365: Routine

As with most things, I have a love and hate relationship with routine. I like to claim that I’m unpredictable, but I’m so transparent that even my cat, who is known to be cute but dumb, sees me through.

The cat shares my predicament. I’m sure she is convinced that she’s being smart always when she makes a surprise jump on me from one of her three constant hiding places: behind the bathroom door, behind the fridge and behind the bed.

My morning routine is particularly fixed. The other day I went to pee before making my coffee, which is an utterly wrong order, and it threw me out of balance for the rest of the day. I couldn’t remember what the next item on the morning to-do list was.

Unlike me, the cat proved to be capable of learning new routines. I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night the last week for my commute, and the cat learned that when my alarm rings, it means I’m abandoning her. Today I took a little power nap, and so as not to get too powerful by sleeping until tomorrow, I set my alarm. When it rang, it set the cat into a hysterical fit because she thought I was going away. I wasn’t.

I’m rather surprised by the cat’s lack of appreciation of my absence, during which she is free to chew power cords,  scratch the door insulation and mess with the blinds. I suspect she isn’t using her freedom wisely. On the note of cats and morning routines, below is a visual presentation of the routines I share with my cat. The sharing is partly involuntary on my part, but the cat never asks.

23 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 64/365: Routine

  1. Heheheh, a good read. I can totally relate to your two pictures – Gidget is exactly the same. And she knows the routine for me leaving as well. I’m not sure how I feel about being so predictable.

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    1. It’s lovely and heartbreaking at the same time how our pets return our affection, isn’t it 🙂 Maybe we need to do something unpredictable to keep the appearance once in a while.

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  2. I really like the sketches. The toilet one is really funny. The cat certainly knows no shame 😀 I think the person’s face actually resembles the face of my stuffed monkey Mr Wobbles 😀


    1. No, the cat knows no shame. It used to unsettle me at first, but I got used to it. She simply likes to keep me company. The person’s face is my unimpressed face, cute that I look like a stuffed monkey!

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  3. Hilarious drawings! 😀
    With McDuff, it’s somewhat different … when we go out, he doesn’t care, and he’s certainly not excited when we get back either. Now … if we were to go away for that many hours, which we never do, it could be a whole different story! We’re away for two, three hours at the most. Most often, I think he hasn’t moved since we left … he’s in the same spot as when we walked out.

    It only takes ONE time for it to become a routine for him. Now, the licking fingers after tooth brush, is a must! And then, of course, there’s the “herding”, so that we go to bed the right time …


    1. I love the herding ritual, a shame my cat doesn’t observe it! She doesn’t care whether I’m awake or asleep, but she wants me at home. As long as I never went out for a longer time, she neither cared nor moved when I left and returned, but now that I’m out for about 12 hours, she’s more sensitive about my movements. It’s quite heartbreaking to see her not wanting me to go…


        1. Haha, I´m fortunately quite immune to my cat´s begging for my diner and not wanting me to leave home. It is heartbreaking but I always tell the cat to suck it up, it´s life :-O It´s not like I like it either.


        1. Haha, at least your kid is busy playing with his toys, while my cat sits just at my feet and stares with great interest at what I’m doing. I’ve got used to it now but it used to unnerve me.


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