What I Hated the Least Today 56/365: Nuclear Shelter

I’ve been to a guided underground tour, which covered a church crypt and a nuclear shelter in my town. I can’t exactly relate to medieval bones, but I feel a strong connection to my country’s Eastern Bloc history, which I can at least remember, hence I loved the nuclear shelter more than the crypt.

The shelter was built in the 1950s to protect about a twenty-five member military operations team in case of the third world war or other emergency. It was completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity, water, heating, ventilation etc. and could maintain the staff for five to seven days.

The bunker, carved underground into a rock, was disused after the dissolution of Eastern Bloc, flooded in the 1990s, offered for sale but nobody wanted it and now remains in disrepair. Also, it’s not much of a nuclear shelter anymore because warfare advanced a bit since the 1950s.

7 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 56/365: Nuclear Shelter

  1. Interesting stuff! I understand you can relate to a piece of history that you actually can remember. I’ve been onboard a Russian sub once! I got a little idea of what claustrophobia must feel like!

    War fare sure has changed … with the drones and everything …


    1. You’ve been aboard a Russian sub?! Oohh… I’m so envious. I don’t mind claustrophobic places, quite the contrary. Considering that I survived my underground expedition, I might try another event like this in future. But not very soon.


      1. Yeah, it was so strange … they moved it around Sweden, put it up in different places so people could go and look! I don’t remember who arranged it. It was up on the ground. A Whiskey class sub. Same type that went aground in the Swedish archipelago 198* … that was fun LOL


          1. I don’t remember how they moved it across the country … it was fairly big — must have been some big, huge trailer — this was in the early 90’s ..


  2. I would have found both interesting…I live in hope we will never need nuclear shelters because we will all grow a brain that makes us think any sort of fighting is just plain stupid!

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    1. Both were interesting, but I’m more interested in recent rather than ancient history, and then, I’m more interested in anthropology and the way ordinary people live their lives then in history really. That was the powerful thing about the nuclear shelter – to know that it was built for war.

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