iPhriday: Crypt

In response to Gray Days and Coffee challenge.

I never go anywhere or do anything, and to cement the rule, I joined an organised crypt tour in my town. I’m not sure what I was thinking, perhaps I took too literally the information on the guide society’s web site which claimed that the crypt is warmish even in winter. That wasn’t entirely the case.

The tour took not much short of an hour and was thoroughly boring. I assume the guide’s impassioned history talk about the place was interesting, but I never listen when someone tells me something. It remains a minor mystery how I managed to complete my degree when I never listen.

What I remember from the tour is:

  • the crypt is old
  • the church above the crypt is old
  • people were buried in the crypt

As the highlight of the tour, the guide showed us a supposedly medieval wax candle (which I immediately suspected was fake because if it wasn’t, someone would have nicked it a long time ago) and an alcove partially walled in with loose bricks, behind which the bones of one of the plague epidemics victims lay. What I enjoyed most about the crypt was the historical electrification installed in the 1970s.

It didn’t greatly surprise me to hear that next to the church with the crypt, there used to be another graveyard (later dug up and moved into a mass grave in the town’s main cemetery). In my town, dig where you will, you’re bound to find bones. I mean it. Anytime there’s a new construction site, the archaeologists come first to get their bones and only then the construction workers come.

12 thoughts on “iPhriday: Crypt

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad that you like my documentary snaps. The chairs added to the eerie atmosphere of the crypt, but they were at the same time really out of place – modern chairs in a medieval crypt.

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  1. You got a lot of interesting shots, so that must have been rewarding … you did good. I’m not so sure I would’ve signed up for that … only if somebody else had pushed me 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t sign up for anything either, I’m not sure what possessed me. I have a weak spot for my town, so I guess that was a motivational factor. I didn’t imagine it would be so cold and so lengthy though. I would’ve preferred to be just let roam more or less free in the underground, though it’s of course impractical.


      1. One of my trips back home, we were going to go on a similar tour, which I was looking forward to. A, what used to be, military fort inside a mountain. That didn’t happen due to my stupid ex-sister-in-law … it’s complicated. Will make another attempt some time. I have that soft spot too, for my hometown.


  2. Of all the choices you have once you decide to venture out…a crypt?? I’m moving backwards in the feed to try and get caught up and so I saw that your second trip was to a bomb shelter. Such happy places!


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