Of Cars and Men [Poem]

Of Cars and Men [Poem]

Pedestrians are people with destinations

In their minds

And baggage in their hands

Too heavy to carry around


But cars—

Put your weight away in the trunk

And let you guide

As though you’re in control

7 thoughts on “Of Cars and Men [Poem]

    1. Interesting! Opels are common here. I used to drive an Open Corsa. Then we got a Skoda Fabia. And now I got nothing, but you don’t really need a car when you live in a town with good public transport.


      1. There are oodles of European makes they don’t have here … none of the French like Renault, Peugot, Citroën … and those are so common back home. Last time I was there, I noticed a lot more Skoda, plus another eastern make I can’t remember the name of. Looked nice though.

        If I was single, I doubt I’d own a car here! Public transportation is good here. In my little Swedish hometown, they’re cutting back on it, though … no buses on Sunday’s for example … that’s bad. I’m all for public transportation.


        1. Not even the French ones? That’s surprising for Canada, isn’t it? But you have Skodas? Wow. I only had Skoda because it was relatively affordable and it was a local brand, so I thought I may just as well support local economy. Medium-sized towns like the one where I live have good public transport choices, including weekends and holidays. I use trams whenever I can, because they go in about five-minute intervals, so it’s great. It’s not so great to carry your shopping on public transport, but it doesn’t pay off to have a car in the town.


          1. No [about Skoda], I meant in Sweden. My husband tells me that, at least in the 80’s, they used to have Peugot in Quebec. Not anymore, though.

            Here, the most common ones are pick-up trucks, like Dodge RAM and the likes. In Quebec City I saw more SUV:s. The more common makes are Asiatic, Toyota, Mazda, Honda … et cetera.

            We have the bus stop right outside the building — it’s awesome. Just a few steps in to the elevator.


          2. Oh I see 🙂 Well it does make sense that Canada needs sturdy cars, not our shaky Skodas. I dream of living somewhere some day with a view of a tram stop…


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