What I Hated the Least Today 14/365: Coffee


I made coffee today. I always make coffee, that’s old news. However, today I heard a delightful black coffee joke. That is, a black joke to go with my black coffee. I stole the joke from a wonderfully depressive comics called the Proofreader (not available in English). The eponymous character is like me, a people hater and cat lover who proofreads for a living and cringes while doing so, knowing that yet another mistake might be his death.

What do caffeine addiction and your texts have in common? They’ll both put me to an early grave.


2 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 14/365: Coffee

  1. Coffee is my hug in the morning. Coffee is my motivation to get out of bed, move on and outward. Coffee is my friend that listens to me as I sit here and try to write my daily two cents worth. There are several times in my life that I have given up my addiction. It was not very pretty. I will keep my addiction and I will keep on with the texts as well.


    1. That’s a beautiful love ode to coffee. I couldn’t agree more! Coffee (and my cat) is what prevents me from just staying in the bed and waiting to die. I’m just enjoying a nice mug now 🙂

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