What I Hated the Least Today 4/365: School


It’s the first day of school after the break and since I’m no more involved with schooling, I’m mischievously delighted. I shall be at liberty again to run my errands without stumbling upon potentially dangerous packs of unattended children on each step. I live in a minor social housing area—which is self-explanatory.

Besides being happy to be relieved of the threat to welfare and dignity represented by the kids, I’m glad to be back to routine. Routine prevents people from anarchy; and all out-of-the-ordinary humbug makes me nervous. So, back to school, back to normal, welcome!

12 thoughts on “What I Hated the Least Today 4/365: School

  1. Well … I’m happy for you, that you feel good about it.

    On a totally unrelated note; are Czech and Slovak very different languages? I used to know the word for ‘frog’ in one of the languages LOL


    1. Thank you for indulging me. I’m still struggling to find things to be grateful for… Czech and Slovak are sufficiently similarly for us to understand each other more or less, but of course there are many differences in vocabulary, spelling and grammar, and many false friends. Apparently, while the Czech word for frog is žába, Slovak say žaba (just a difference in vowel length). How on earth did you learn to say “frog” in such an exotic language? And frog of all things?


      1. There’s this guy, back home, who’s from Ružomberok … so žaba is the word I remember. This was 1983, I guess we were just joking around and somehow that particular word stuck. He’d gone to Norway first … he played the guitar in some bar there, and somehow ended up in my little town in Sweden. He’s still there.


      2. Funny, how the memory works … now, when I started thinking about all this stuff, I remembered a place name, or the name of a steelworks [not sure] in Czech Rep.: Kladno. My first job, which I held for twelve years, had all to do with steelworks … they were our main customers, so …


        1. Oh, Kladno, of course! The only redeeming feature of Kladno is its proximity to the capital city. Otherwise it’s heavily industrial, not in a nice way. You did into steelworks? Sounds scary!


          1. The American company I worked for, manufactured synthetic graphite electrodes, for electro-steel furnaces. Hence; steelworks were our only customers. I have a vague memory of Kladno having a pretty good hockey team … many NHL players at the time, came from there.


          2. I learned a new word today: “synthetic graphite electrode for electro-steel furnaces”. Ugh. I hope I’ll be able to use it soon 🙂

            You’re very right, Kladno has a good hockey team, and considering that we’re a country with a moderate climate, we’ve spawned a surprisingly large number of NHL players, from Kladno and elsewhere! Jaromir Jagr, perhaps the most notorious experienced player, is from Kladno.


          3. They were really big; 24″ diameter [600mm]. Had to quit that job 1984, because I moved, but those twelve years were my best, working years ever.


  2. Happy for you to be back to your routine. No need to stumbled into kids and get a sore leg 😀 I love it when school starts back up – more room for me to roam the streets on the weekdays when I have a day off. Best of luck for this year, Mara 🙂


    1. Awe, I’m so happy that I’m not the only who enjoys just regular school days! It sounds a bit mean with respect to the children, but we all need to go to school/work so as not to go wild… And I don’t like crowded streets either, who would. Best of luck to you!!

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