4 thoughts on “246/365

      1. Many thanks, Mara! My parents started feeding me books and poetry sometime between my third and fourth birthdays. Readers, they both are, my father with a love of literature and my mother tending toward theology and the social sciences. We breathed it in like the air around us. My father’s favorite (we memorized a lot) was Robert W. Service (e.g., The Cremation of Sam McGee). .Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Emerson Henry Thoreau, etc. and my favorite, Henry Longfellow. And then stuff from Shakespeare’s plays. All of us kids, there was a lot of competition to memorize and show off. 😀


        1. Oh that’s an early start with poetry! Good on you. From the authors you mentioned, Dickinson is my favourite; and Whitman can delight me too. Shakespeare I find difficult to appreciate, perhaps because English isn’t my first language 😦 I can read Scots, but not Shakespeare… Your poetry training shows clearly though, it’s obvious you benefit from it.

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