Eye Spy and the Happiness Project

Eye Spy and the Happiness Project

Ages ago in summer (not the Australian summer, the European summer), I promised the girls (and guy) from the Photo 101 Rehab that I would join their then new Cover Makeover challenge as soon as I have time. I never had the time, so I decided that the time was now.

Disappointingly, I missed the last prompt, which would have been perfect for me. The prompt was to redo Ayn Rand’s The Romantic Manifesto, and I would’ve had a lot of fun with photoshopping in the cover obese cherubs holding their bright red hearts in their hands too fat to even hold anything.

Surprisingly, I produced a (mostly) unironic response to the current prompt, which is to reimagine Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. When done releasing my inner happie hippie (pun intentional), it occurred to me that the photo I chose fits well for the WP Weekly Photo challenge with the prompt Eye Spy. Efficiently, I’m rolling the two challenges into one.

6 thoughts on “Eye Spy and the Happiness Project

  1. Woohooo welcome to the Cover Makeover, Mara. Great to have you here. And it’s a gorgeous cover. Thanks much for giving us such a pleasure. Hope to see you as a regular participant.


    1. Haha 😀 I’d love to test your suggestion, but I’m concerned because I live on floor six and I might think I could fly while unlocking my inner hippie. I’d hate to make my cat an orphan.


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