A White Mouse Ate My Blogging Schedule

A White Mouse Ate My Blogging Schedule

You may have noticed that in lieu of my avatar, a white mouse has started to appear all over the internet. Don’t stop drinking now, it’s not you, it’s me. I grew bored with looking at my head anytime I go online and see my unsightly self in my avatar picture. So I discarded myself and introduced the White Mouse, if only just to annoy my cat.

In related news, I recently became a doctor. Since I’m not a real doctor (as I’m repeatedly told) but a PhD, I don’t venture to operate on live subjects yet. For starters, I doctored my blog because it annoyed me how hyper-organised, super-streamlined and impeccably neat it was. So I broke it for the kick out of it.

I certainly hope you don’t hate the face of my broken blog, on the other hand, it looks now more or less as I intended. I wanted bright reds and blues (same as the colours of my national flag and about a gazillion other national flags) and greys and whites for balance (same as the colour of my face, especially the healthy-looking grey). It’s not like I gave it a thought.

As further proof that I haven’t been giving my blog a thought for the last week, I attach a gallery of runners for my blog header. My favourite tenement, booze and cigarette shots didn’t quite work out, so I settled on the current messy splashes of colour. With the header, you might see I changed my tagline too, which calls for a disclaimer: if I had a unicorn, I assure you I wouldn’t eat it. (I’d sell it on eBay.)

Besides documenting social housing life and not lunching on unicorns, I gave up on my blogging schedule. *gasp and dramatic pause* I put down my meticulously alliterative categories mostly because I no longer want to be limited to posting cat pictures only when it’s the day of Caturday Cuteness. Now I have just a few simple, generic categories, and I’ll be posting in them as I choose. In your face.

I can’t claim that a scheduless schedule will sit better with my life, as I of course don’t have one, but it will definitely work better with my work. Speaking of what works, I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on my new blog look and functionality, especially when you discover that something isn’t working. Such as me, I should be working now.

22 thoughts on “A White Mouse Ate My Blogging Schedule

    1. I’ll second that. I prefer gritty photos to more polished ones as well, and you’re doing a great job on your blog showcasing all that there is to see about a city. Thanks for your feedback!


    1. Thank you for being a game! Now I’m waiting impatiently for a unicorn (or a knight on a white horse, for the matter) to materialise at my doorstep. I’d sell the horse and keep the knight.


    1. Now, tell that to my boss 😉 But yes, I’m now inclining to the same opinion, that schedules are not necessarily a great idea for a personal blog. Why push yourself to what should be fun 🙂

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  1. Mara I really like your new style of the blog! It looks fresh, smooth and ah, just good 😀 Header pictures 3+4 I found to be supergood as well, it would have worked great I think, but these colour splashes surely have something about them. It’s nice to “read you back” – love your humour and irony, it makes one giggle when one feels down (or even when not). Speaking of unicorns – I recently came across a talk show post where a lady claims to have been a unicorn in her former life…^^ That was surely an unexpected giggle 😀


    1. Awe, thanks so much for your uplifting comment! You know it yourself, it’s hard with a blog: you want your readers to like it, but at the same time you want it to look how you like it because ultimately it’s you who spends the most time on it. I really appreciate your kind words. And about the lady who was a unicorn in her former life: what can I say? Weird! At least she didn’t say she was Hitler or so in her previous existence…

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      1. You’re very welcome dear Mara 🙂 Yes, I know exactly what you mean. But you’re right – YOU must like it the most. Also, you wouldn’t want to have Justin Bieber on your front picture just because he’s so popular and most people would like him, right? (OK – bad example as I don’t think his listeners are your followers but you get my point 😉 ). Yes, it was indeed PRETTY weird… I first thought I didn’t understand her correctly and rewinded the bit *lol*


  2. I just finished commenting on your new look on a different post … and then I find this one.
    *sigh* … if I was more organized, that wouldn’t have happened … but that’s ok.

    I’m still hiding all the unicorns, just in case.


    1. Oh, dear, does my hyper-organisation still show? I was hoping I managed to convey a sense of spontaneous chaos with the blog makeover… I’m finding I spend too much time organising things and too little doing them. Thank you for your comment, though, and once again, rest assured that your unicorns will come to no harm 🙂 (They know better than to come anywhere near me!)

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    1. Yep, it took me a few years to realise, but I’ve also found that no schedule is the best schedule in blogging. I’ll keep you posted if I obtain a unicorn and seek to sell it 😉

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    1. Thank you a lot! You’re right, no pics of me getting the diploma, I haven’t had my graduation ceremony yet. And I live in constant fear that they might change their minds and refuse to give me my diploma after all 😮 I’ll keep you posted though! And, I’m glad you like my new blog look! I really needed a change.

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