8 thoughts on “56/365

  1. Oh okay! 😮
    I’ve always found other languages fascinating.Being able to speak French,Creole(close to French) and English,I have an idea how people can express themselves in completely different terms.I find such variety of expressions really beautiful.

    I want to learn German one day.Italian or Spanish will be less challenging because the words share the same etymology with French words.
    Even your language is impressive: ‘Amerykanistyki’ is such an intriguing word,I mean look at the ‘k’ and the ‘y’.In French and English,the ‘k’ is always ‘c’,and the ‘y’ is always ‘i’.


    1. I’m fascinated with languages as much as you! I have a modest linguistic background as part of my English Philology studies, and this subject doesn’t cease to appeal to me. I wish I spoke more languages, but I found that I am only able to master one second language. I used to speak some German but it turned out to be unsustainable to try speak English and German, so I allowed my German to go completely rusty with disuse… Here’s to happy language learning! I think it might be easier for you to acquire a third language when you live in a bilingual environment!

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