Just Thursday Blog Hop: Appreciating the Mundane

Just Thursday Blog Hop: Appreciating the Mundane


It’s another Thursday, which means it’s time for the Just Thursday blog hop co-hosted by Rebekah, Nuvofelt and me. The idea is to look around yourself and find something nice or interesting in ordinary, everyday objects or things.

In my contribution for the challenge, I took a different perspective of a grey block of flats: I peeked through a colourful children’s house at a playground in front of it. Now it’s up to you: find your appreciation for something mundane, blog about it and share your link in the comments!

28 thoughts on “Just Thursday Blog Hop: Appreciating the Mundane

    1. Perfect! Just perfect! I’m very happy to have a fellow in crime in the 365 project and I will be very happy to learn from you – as you’re the better photographer, obviously 🙂


    1. Coffee or no coffee, your piece is simply beautiful! Your have a knack for vignettes like this. And after all, there is a mention of coffee, so all is good 😀 Thank you for sharing your piece!

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      1. Thank you! I love trying to express something with a short word count – makes it all the more challenging.

        Perhaps coffee will be my theme, running through hundreds of vignettes 🙂


      1. I am always committing to something and never seem to follow through. It is a neat idea because we do fail to pay attention to all the little things we miss by being disengaged from ourselves.


        1. Perhaps you haven’t found the right thing yet to commit yourself to? It’s just as well to abandon something that doesn’t work for you. If you fancy joining this challenge, you can do it as a one-time thing, no need to commit to anything here 🙂


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