Tea Time with Coke

Tea Time with Coke


I’m infamous as the person who brings rubbish to Justine’s Tea Party, so to keep my reputation up, here I go again.

15 thoughts on “Tea Time with Coke

  1. I love the composition of this photo … the angle of the bottle and the shadow that seems to anchor it from falling over – combined with the textured background to offset the smooth glass of the bottle. It’s so simple but elegant.


    1. Thank you for this great interpretation of my mindlessly snapped picture… You’re too kind! I didn’t think much of my snap but you made me like it after all…


      1. And the glass of Cokes tend to cost more than the canned ones too! But I am always happy to pay for the extra price. Pity for some of the glass bottles you can’t screw the caps back on once you’ve opened them!


  2. well naughty kitty I see you bring trash again to the party…sighs..but slightly more classy trash as I like these style of bottles…but you know what, if you bring the trash it is a sure sign that you are here to clear up also, so we are very pleased that you have been self designated as the person to clear up after all the partying, that is so so kind of you..grinz….BTW fantastic shot love the shadow as do others, clever xxx


    1. As much as trash can be classy πŸ˜‰ Thank you for indulging me though and not kicking me out of your party – I promise I will behave and clear all the rubbish I bring… Your parties are the best!


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