Tea Time with Champagne

Tea Time with Champagne


For Justine’s Tea Party, I’m bringing champagne for all!

25 thoughts on “Tea Time with Champagne

  1. Wow wow. Tea time aside, the composition makes it look like a laser cannon with you behind the controls ;D bringing heavy artillery into tea time!!


  2. Haha…
    I guess you’ll always remind me of Joan of Arc! Since when have you been sporting such a haircut,by the way? I always think it looks nice.

    Champagne…I sometimes wonder if I’m missing on great things when I chose not to drink…


    1. Oh, it’s nice to be compared to Joan of Arc πŸ˜‰ Love it! I’ve worn short hair since I was about 18 or 19, I found it more complimentary to my face and of course more comfortable. Also, it is more common for young-ish women in my country to wear their hair long, and I sort of rebel against this expectation…

      I haven’t tasted the actual champagne from the region of Champagne, but I quite like the cheaper imitations of it. It’s bubbly as soda… But I think you might be missing out a little if you don’t drink at all – no need to get drunk, but a glass of wine can be very nice…

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    1. Thank you! I’m attracted to booze as if by magnetism… And I didn’t even realise I could be seen in the shopping window because I had my eyes on the prize!


  3. wow thank you and sorry for such a late reply, I have been inundated and not had time to look at my blog for 2 days!!! faints. This is awesome, it gave my eyes a workout when I first saw it trying to work it out,what an amazing display. did you break in and steal it all after dark? I would ilke to off….I think we could easily finish off drinking that display don’t you? Thank yo soooo much for coming to Tea Time and bringing the posh stuff hehe x


    1. No need to apologise, I suppose you must be very busy and overwhelmed by the number of people who come to your party πŸ˜‰ Because it’s a fun party! I’m sorry to say that though i brought champagne for all, I haven’t tasted it myself… Maybe later…

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