Ella’s table manners leave a lot to be desired.

36 thoughts on “Mess

  1. Heheheh… So typical! Gidget brings her chicken wing tips, one at a time, from her bowl to the rug and chomps them up on the rug. Luckily I have put her blanket down to save the rug!

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    1. Oh my, so dogs are like cats? I see precisely what you mean – my cat is certainly capable of eating from the bowl, but she chooses to take things out of the bowl, put them on the floor and eat from the floor… Manners!

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    1. Oh yes, the messy cat in action! Well, her staple food is dry food, but in the evenings she gets half a meat pouch or something similarly meaty, then the next day the other half, then there’s a day off and then the following day we start over… I feed her very much on the same principles as I feed myself – I avoid the cheapest trash, but I don’t buy anything too fancy either, just the middle ground. What you see in the bowl is her dry food with a meat pouch on top of it… Yummy ๐Ÿ˜›


      1. woahhh… Now I feel bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I hope Shelley doesn’t hear of this..! hahaha.

        Shelley takes dry food all day long. She only gets special treats (wet food) on certain occasions, about once every few months :-$ I do feed her boiled chicken breast from time to time though.

        She’s currently on a strict low allergen diet to check if she’s allergic to the food she had before. So nothing besides that for another few more weeks.


        1. No worries, Shelley will never know… But don’t feel too sure of your bare life ๐Ÿ˜› Low allergen diet sounds horrible, I suppose I’m lucky that my cat looks quite healthy – and you know what, I feed her meat in the evening, and it’s a strategic decision – she isn’t so horribly active after she’s eaten a meat dinner, so I can get some sleep…


          1. Hehe that’s what I thought at first about the new diet, but I’ve never seen her clean her bowl as quickly as she does now. Either she loves it or its her way of finishing it quickly so she can get back to the real stuff? lol.

            hahaha I didn’t know meat had that effect! I shall have that as a backup if she ever goes back to that phase. For now, i’m safe!


          2. So, breaking news: today I fed the cat her meat and instead of sedating her, this wholesome dinner made her as frisky as never before… I fear for my life! Sort of…


          3. i’m afraid to ‘roflmao’ as it’s too cruel to laugh at your misfortunes, and also cause I know it’s going to one day come and bite me on the backside >.<


          4. she is!! been attacked a lot more recently!! I suspect it’s because she knows i’ll be leaving her for awhile. lol


    1. Oh, lucky you! McDuff is a neat cat then ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure what the motivation what eating in this complicated manner is – is the cat afraid that I’ll eat her stuff unless she drags is all about the place? At least she licks most of the mess off the floor though…


    1. As you say, we love them anyway, don’t we! My cat is particularly odd in that she drags the food out of the bowl on the bare floor, but hardly ever on the mat on which her bowls stand and which is hers to scratch and mess up with as she likes – as if she knew how to tease me…

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    1. Oh, for a better grip? That sounds like a plausible hypothesis! And I thought my cat makes mess only because she enjoys messing with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Throwing up on the carpet? Oh my… I’m lucky I don’t have carpets!


    1. I certainly incline to concur with this statement… I didn’t choose the cat, I got her as one of a bunch of unwanted kittens, all of which looked about the same, but I came to think that tabbies are particularly lovely ๐Ÿ™‚


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