Tea Time with Tetra Pak

Tea Time with Tetra Pak


This might be my last contribution to Justine’s Tea Party. I suspect that when the lovely hostess sees my Tetra Pak take on the prompt, I will be kicked out of her party. Or not?

23 thoughts on “Tea Time with Tetra Pak

  1. Oh dear I think your terribly naughty kicking over that trash just to take a naughty photo. Do I hear protests of not kicking it over? Am I meant to believe hou? Gives kitty warning sceptical kind of eyes!!! Tsk tsk spank spank…I must thank you for bringing trash to the Tea Party you are supremely unique and diverse lol.

    Thank you for coming to Tea 😃


    1. Me? Oh no! I solemnly swear I didn’t kick the bin over as far as I recall… But I could have been high on juice and milk, the contents of the empty packages in the bin. Thank you for indulging my trashy contribution! You’re the best 😀

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          1. Awe thank you for your compliment. The hols is over now just got back home but Easter to enjoy well chocolate hehe. Glad your liking the Instagram and plenty more to go on x ps hope you like your sandy present. I’ve a private one to send you also x


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