Monthly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons 3

This is another installment of what will be a photo gallery series in response to Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons challenge. My previous gallery is here, so you can compare how my home town has changed over the last month.

28 thoughts on “Monthly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons 3

    1. Yes, spring is near, I even saw some snowdrops the other day. But the weather is still cold here, I don’t know why they call Eastern European climate “moderate” because it’s definitely not.


  1. A very interesting selection. I went back and took a look at the previous one for comparison. You know me, I love those gritty urban shots. But the mist is fabulous and that tower rising up to the sky is quite fabulous.


    1. Thanks a lot for having such a careful look! I’m happy to provide as much urban grit as I can find in the future too. I would like to keep on shooting some of the same locations for comparison; but also to include other photos so that it doesn’t get boring. The tower is my favourite spot though!

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  2. beautiful photos. the mist is amazing. and you made me smile with the comment on snow : “I can neither see nor even hear the word “snow” anymore these days, so I hear you… “(that’s from someone who hasn’t seen any snow this year and envies you guys on nice snow photos)


    1. Thank you, Klara, for looking and leaving such a lovely comment! Oh I’m sorry that you’d like snow and have none, of course, we have snow and want none… If that makes any sense. Let’s take it from the bright side, at least you’re not freezing so much? 😉


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