Blog Less to Blog More

This month I have embarked on a new blog posting schedule that should allow me to blog more while blogging less. It looks that the more I post, the less time I have left for the actual blogging, which for me means socialising with fellow better bloggers (that is you all).

Most of the regular post categories that were appearing weekly will now run on a biweekly schedule. The only weekly feature that remains is my new blogging challenge, the Poetry 101 Rehab, happening each Monday. If you’re into organising, scheduling and OCD-ing in general, you can look at my new posting calendar here.

You shouldn’t miss me too much because I plan to spend more time around over at your blogs (and because you wouldn’t notice I even went anywhere). Should your desire for my constant presence be too overwhelming, you can connect with me also outside of WordPress, on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Here’s to more/less blogging and see you around!

17 thoughts on “Blog Less to Blog More

  1. Wow. I love that you have a categorized schedual. What a great way to keep committed. I post willy nilly lol what ever moves me. But I really think this is a great idea.


    1. I know, I’m obsessively organised… I can’t help it. I should think that a mixture between a regular posting pattern, like mine, and a random pattern, like yours, would work best. But whatever works for you 😉

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  2. It is an excellent idea, Mara. Less is more. Better to get more focused and have quality time to read and enjoy the experience. I will take your advise seriously.


    1. Thank you for your thoughts, Lucile. This post certainly wasn’t instructive, it was just my explanation for those regular readers who might actually noticed that my posting has grown less frequent. I don’t want to appear unorganised! 😉


  3. Reorganization is always good, especially if it frees you up to do more of what you love. Funnily enough, while I have schedules and lists and spreadsheets for everything else in my life, I just blog whenever I feel I have something worth blogging about (my readers might disagree with the worth :P) so in some ways blogging is liberating for me in that I just dip in and out. So I hope you find this different approach to be liberating for you too.


    1. Thank you for sharing your experience! It’s actually very interesting, it does look that your free blogging schedule (or lack of schedule) serve as a healthy counterbalance to your spreadsheets and whatnots in the other aspects of your life. It’s funny, I seem to be hyperorganised in all aspects of my existence. It’s a bother…


      1. I used to be hyper organized and a total neat freak and then I fell in love with a bloke who personifies chaos and spontaneity and had four kids with him who are whirlwinds of randomness. I either had to relinquish some of my anal retentiveness or lose my sanity.

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  4. Well done, girlie! I am now on a M-W-F posting schedule, with the occasional foray into the weekend. But as for subject matter, it is pretty freeform. I shall take a look at your schedule. Let me know how it goes for you! Mother Hen


    1. Your posting calendar is great, I think. You picked what seems to me the best days for blogging. You blog neither too little, nor too much, and I know that your posts keep on popping up in my Reader quite regularly and nicely 😉 I’ll see how my reduced schedule works out, but I think it will be better for me at present!


    1. Oh no, I wouldn’t cancel the Poetry Rehab, it only just started and it’s actually the one blogging effort that I want to focus on the most now! I love running it, I love you joining, and I’m committed to keeping the rehab open as long as people are interested 😉


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