Window Sill


My cat found her haven on the window sill.

24 thoughts on “Window Sill

    1. Actually, not much because I keep the blinds down most of the time – the light from the large windows causes my computer screen to reflect things like a mirror and it hurts my eyes. I haven’t figured out a better solution yet. When the blinds are up, though, or when the window is open, she loves looking outside! I suppose it’s a favourite activity for cats. She also loves to start staring contests with the oven, the door, the wall and anything at all…

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      1. ohh i see i see. I guess with me being a vampire that has no reflections, my lack of mirrors come in handy ;D

        it becomes dangerous when they start staring at your toes, fingers, etc… !!


          1. Also depends on the timing of the bite – I’m not thrilled to be jumped at and bitten the first thing I get out of the bed in the morning… The cat clearly thinks it’s huge fun.

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          2. Wait till you get bitten at WHILE sleeping 😝 thank goodness it only happened once. But once is all you need to remember it lol.. Cats and their idea of fun!


          3. Oh dear… I suspect my get might be plotting to bite me in my sleep too – yesterday she jumped on my bedside table, the first time she ever attempted to jump anywhere in the flat. Her choice of furniture speaks volumes… Now I’m scared for my life!


    1. Of course that cats are the best! Don’t ask a cat lady, the answer is obvious…

      Awe, I was thinking I would have my cat on my lap while working too, but then I thought it wiser not to encourage her to climb things (and people). She indeed is sometimes demanding, like a cat, but very rewarding.


    1. Ha! That’s an excellent point! Normally there probably would be a radiator, but it’s something akin to French windows, so no radiator. She probably likes the sills because she can survey her surroundings from up there…

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    1. The link is amazing! It escaped my attention, so thank you for sharing this! And yes, thanks for asking, the cat is doing just fine, and so do I, her getting used to the new environment will be a subject of one of my future blog posts 😉


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